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Here will be and until I give up, my blog regarding the Jupiler Pro League in Belgium. As a country I love Belgium. I enjoy visiting, the beer, the waffles, chips. chocolate and maybe to some…THE FOOTBALL!!!

The passion of the fans at matches along with the quality of players produced, it drew me in and I always keep myself up to date with results and competitions and I thought to myself ‘why not write about it?’. As a lover of football in general I watch it avidly after giving up participation, properly, 8 years ago and now I just watch as much as I can.

I’ll aim to blog as much as possible regarding players, teams, managerial situations, transfers and injuries as soon as I can or on a very regular basis, along with pieces regarding fixtures, player profiles, European competition and so on and so on. I’ve always enjoyed writing and being English I love football even more. I used to always watch Italian Serie A as a child, browed the Bundesliga and La Liga along with Ligue 1 and I am probably a Premier League geek since it began, even though I’m not old enough to remember the first few seasons. But even though I’ll be going into this semi blind due to the lack of coverage of the Pro League and the fact people tar the Belgian league with the same brush as say the Eredivisie or Scottish Premiership, I just want to distract myself with new talent, old legends who may return, surprise packages coming into the league and surprise packages topping the league and shining throughout the season.

I do realise I am coming into this halfway through a season but getting rid of some rust and giving myself a head start into next season I thought best to start when I’m in the mood and then gradually progress through words and with my time through the business end of the season.


I shall leave this with you for now as the is merely an introduction and will touch base in the very near future.



I am a father, a husband and a lover of football. Which order I do love all 3 is up to you to decide

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