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Player Profile: Silvère Ganvoula M’Boussy

This weekend I have scoured the fixtures, which isn’t many in truth, and I thought who could make an impression in their match? Who could aid their team? Who could fire them to the top or help on their fight for survival? And I thought I’d pick a player who is no longer at this club long term, but could really help not only them short term, but his new club against their rivals (if you were lost with all those questions, reread it because I’m lost too!).

Amongst all the faffle above, I’m talking about the player Anderlecht tweeted about on deadline day holding a shirt, to then go back to his old club on loan immediately. And it goes to show that the 20yr old has proven himself in the Pro League since joining from Turkey in the summer.

Looking at his frame, he reminds me of Emmanuel Adebayor in that they are the same height, strikers from Africa, dress like gangsters and they’re gangly yet effective. To come into this league as a young African player is nothing new, but as stated, he is showing huge potential and Anderlecht snapped him up in a way where it is a chance, but at a supposed €1.2 million is a bargain in world football. Also, Westerlo have done very good business making that out of a free transfer.

Starting extremely well this season, he netted on his league debut for De Kemphanen in a 2-2 draw against Standard Liege and has steadily progressed throughout this term so far. Seven goals in the league this season isn’t bad for a very young man, in his first season at a struggling club, and with the massive confidence boost of knowing he is at the biggest club in the country, I’m which he actually scored aginast around 10 days ago, these sort of matches will be massively key for Westerlo. 

It’ll also be a test of his professionalism because you do hear either players or fans suggesting that once you’re no longer at the club or only on loan somewhere, unless you’ve got something to prove, you’ll never have an affiliation with the club you’re with for one !Onth, three months, a season? And I’m hopeful that Ganvoula wont have that put to him for his sake, and I’m sure for Westerlo’s sake for the rest of this season at least, until Jacky Mathijssen finds another free gem somewhere out there.

After drawing 2-2 in their previous meeting this season, Westerlo do now have home advantage, but St Truiden do have Igor Vetokele who has been scintillating since coming back to Belgium. With 2 wins on the trot, albeit both at home, they will be confident extending that run away at Westerlo, meaning Ganvoula MBoussy will maybe have to be more clinical than usual.

Courtesy of Getty Images

To cap off, I’m hoping it’ll be a great game in general, and for the sake of this post, a very good game for Silvère Ganvoula M’Boussy who is the man at the end of attacks scoring the goals, and hoping Westerlo are at the end of the right result…
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