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Objective: Qualification

A quick post regarding tonight’s Europa League. All the Pro League teams have an edge in their respective matches leading up to the second leg. I must admit, I wasn’t as confident as the outcomes suggested. I thought 2 out of the three teams could potentially do well, but with Gent playing so well against Spurs, all three have a great chance of progression.

Anderlecht have possibly the best chance with a 2 goal cushion against a team who aren’t playing regularly enough, and have done so well in the league too, having the luxury of resting players in each game as well and picking up results.

Genk and Gent both drew at the weekend with maybe 1 eye on tonight’s matches, but with Genk having those away goals, they may have the best chance out of the 2 seeing as Tottenham did blow Fulham away on Sunday and have no real injury concerns either. With it being at Wembley, I still feel that’s what gives Gent their best chance.

I really do hope all 3 go into the next round, and I’m sure at least one will, but for the progression of the Pro League on a European scale, they’ll all need to progress really. 

I’ll write a more in depth blog post tomorrow regarding the results and performances and fingers cross, 100% progression rate at that too.

Come on! 



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