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Player Profile: Teddy Chevalier

Sorry Mouscron fans, but if he starts in a game that is just a curtain closer to the regular season for most, I’ve decided to write about Kortrijk striker Teddy Chevalier. 

I have picked him because when he joined he seemed to turn fortunes around. Having travelled around a bit before returning back to Belgium and Kortrijk for a second time, he may feel hardened in regards to knowing what it’s like abroad, in non speaking French countries, and will feel settled back in Belgium.

He hit the ground running too, scoring on his second debut for the club in a defeat against Zulte Waregem, and even though that’s not a fortune turner, it was showing positives against a team who have been fantastic this season. Obviously you can say there are positives in defeat, but losing the previous 6 before and including that defeat, that was no win in eight.

Losing the next fixture, Kortrijk finally picked up 2 wins in their next 2 matches. Okay, the next win is always just around the corner, but the facts are that Chevalier played such a vital role. He scored 2 against Lokeren which saw them win 2-1 and started the scoring the week after with an impressive away win at Standard Liege. He was the catalyst that Kortrijk needed. 

Since he has joined he has managed to grab 4 goals, 1 assist and has been ever present since returning. He has also struck up a fantastic partnership with Idriss Saadi too, who was doing fine alone, but with Chevalier he has upped his game, also scoring 4 in the same time as his partner, assisting a goal too, and what makes them work well is that they’re not always scoring in the same match, proving that they are picking up each others slack if one isn’t scoring.

Another key factor I think is that since Teddy Chevalier has joined, Kortrijk have managed just under a point a game on average. You may think that’s not exactly fantastic, but with those 7 points, that accumulates to around 30%-33% of all points made this season.

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Now those figures are out the way, I’ll get back to why I’ve written this post for this weekend. Mouscron can still survive with a miraculous away win at the Guldensporenstadion, but I feel the main man of this post is due a goal, and with no pressure teams can sometimes perform much better. It’s an afternoon match and now that the weather is picking up, it may feel easier for the home team who won’t feel as tense. He is here for at least the next 2 seasons and will want to continue through to May picking up his form, and seeing as he is one of the older more experienced players, even at 30, his job in the team to act as a leader will not only be essential short term, but certainly long term. 
For this weekend however, leading the team and the line is the main objective.



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