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Could It Happen?

I mean it, could it happen in the Europa League tonight? It’s certainly not impossible but definitely tough. Both teams technically have a deficit. One certainly does and the other has ONLY if they don’t score.

The side who definitely have a deficit is Genk. The team have been performing outstandingly recently and I do believe that have the capabilities of overturning the 3-2 scoreline at ‘half time’ in the tie. The team from Limburg put in a great performance Sunday evening away at Kortrijk winning 3-0 and without having to play the big guns who’ll be well rested for tonight. 

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De Smurfen have only conceded 2 goals at home in Europe all season and have won every game too which is a great sign. Winning every game whilst conceding a maximum of 1 goal, if they have conceded, would progress the side as long as they win. In a way, it’s better they HAVE to win because if Celta Vigo feel they only have to draw, it’ll be a bit of a Catch 22 situation, and a goal for the home side could potentially create panic for the Spaniards. Celta also won 3-0 away at the weekend and also were able to rest players as well so this match is so finely poised, it could be the tie of the round?
Closer to my home anyway, Anderlecht travel to United with both teams on top form. Anderlecht grew their domestic lead on Sunday, whereas Manchester United won 2-0 against the champions elect in the Premier League. Anderlecht played a very strong team on Sunday, surprisingly in my opinion, but I stated on Monday that wrapping up the league is probably likelier than maybe continental success, but keeping the rust away, maybe that was Rene Weiler’s plan. 

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The Red Devils had no option but to play a strong team against Chelsea Sunday, so it could be a tiring, fascinating and possibly electric tie in the form of both teams wanting success, and probably one needing it more than the other. Manchester United will feel the Europa League is theirs with the money spent and quality on show. The experience of their players shouldn’t show fear, but if it’s looking edgy, Les Mauves may capitalise on that and possibly strike and then Man United will have to show what they’re made of. Not seeing at the win in the first leg shows there are weaknesses, especially if Sergio Romero starts. Not that he isn’t a good goalkeeper, but we all know De Gea is better.
If the impossible became possible, and if both teams stayed clear of each other, the likely opponents after the first leg look to be Ajax and Besiktas. Both very tough, and one being a Belgian-Dutch derby, it could be a fantastic semi final setting up a trip to Sweden overall. But I’ll try not to get too ahead of myself and simmer down, after all, if it all stayed as it is now they’re both out, but that’s why we love football…Anything can happen!



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