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So…PO2B is Over Right?

I’ve seemed quite morbid recently in regards to the playoff groups unfortunately. I’m sorry. I would say I can’t help it. Actually…I cant. The only group that has an ounce of competition is PO2A. The title looks as good as wrapped up and after last night’s Gent result, if Anderlecht win they’ll go 8 points clear. But enough of that, this could be as good as over if result also go Genk’s way.

We’ll start with Saturday though. It’s tough. This could be only significant to the supporters of​ Lokeren and Roeselare. I’m sorry. That’s mean but the reality ​is that these 2 haven’t kicked on. Roeselare have been unlucky to be fair, but their lack of quality has shone through. Lokeren haven’t been good for a while. They showed up against Eupen but really, they haven’t performed. I see a Lokeren win and usually, the games with the least build up overtake the major matches, and that easily could happen tonight, but other than that I can’t say much more.

The other fixture tonight is better. The best match in the group as Kortrijk host Eupen. Kortrijk can be Jekyll and Hyde sometimes. Eupen aren’t too far off as I thought they’d steamroll Roeselare and Lokeren and they drew. There are some real quality attackers on show here and if they have their shooting boots on, with the lack of defensive quality, this could be a really good match in terms of goals. It’s tough to​ call the outcome here but I’m sure it’ll have lots to offer!

Sunday sees the runaway leaders Genk welcome Mouscron. Surely only one winner here. Genk were unfortunate not to qualify for the Europa League semi finals and now have complete focus on qualifying next season. Luckily for them they’ve got a cushion already and I can only see their 100% record continue. Mouscron were brilliant showing resilience, fighting qualities and their bigger players showed up and they’ll need that again to close the weekends fixtures tomorrow.

Thanks to Genk they’ve turned this group into a non event, where De Smurfen can be the only ones who ruin their own chances of facing, well, anyone in PO2A once these fixtures are over.



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