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Its Too Easy in PO2B

Sorry, but it really is. I’ve made some suggestions to players attitude, and sometimes there’s just unbelievable quality on show, but when you play with no fear and have fun, it’s just great being a footballer sometimes.

On Saturday though, 4 teams battled and fought to get a result for themselves ahead of Genk playing tonight, sitting back without a care and watching those below them squabble over a point, or 3 if they’re really lucky. 

Lokeren weren’t lucky though, they deservedly won their first match since mid February, and that was at home as well. Roeselare made their way towards another decent performance, but without the end product. Lokeren took a 2-0 first half lead, before making the result look harder than it should’ve been. Maric and De Sutter put Lokeren into a 2-0 lead just after half an hour, where the hosts looked pretty comfortable. Roeselare tried to get themselves into the game, and managed to create a grandstand finish with Davy Brouwers netting with a quarter of an hour to go. Lokeren probably could’ve sealed it, but Rùnar Kristinsson would’ve taken any win at all at this point, making their current playoff position more bearable.

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Eupen travelled to Kortrijk hoping to put any pressure whatsoever on Genk before they played tonight. And I did say if their attackers turned up then we’d get a goalfest, and that we did get. Eupen youngsters Eric Ocansey and the mercurial Henry Onyekuru put the visitors into a 2-0 lead and easing their way towards victory already. However, Stijn De Smit converted his penalty to half the deficit all before 20 minutes!
The second half started similarly to the first and with 15 minutes to play, old man Luis Garcia scored to seal the win for KAS Eupen! 3-1! Game over! NOT!!! De Kerels decided not to lay down and die and fought til the very end, firstly through Andriy Totovitskiy and then goal of the weekend, an absolute belter from Sidy Sarr equalising in stoppage time, in fact both goals came in the 90th plus! Three apiece and a fantastic match really where you just couldn’t see Eupen losing going into the last ten minutes!

Courtesy of Getty Images

Onto tonight, with nobody wanting to challenge Genk, including Mouscron, they showed what happens to opposition when you’ve just been eliminated from Europe. Because every week I just type about a Genk victory, to not irritate Mouscron fans I’m going to make this a quick and painless reading. First half goals from Sandy Walsh and Leandro Trossard. Second half goals from Trossard again, sandwiched between a fresh Naranjo hat trick meant the hosts declared at six. 6-0! Outstanding. Sublime. It makes me think if they actually had competition how would they cope? What if they were in PO1 or a more competitive PO2A, how would they fair? Regardless, sensational from the Blue and Whites again leaving a hapless Mouscron in their wake!



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