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Can Anderlecht Run Further Clear?

Tonight there is only one match in the Pro League, as Charleroi travel to Brussels, hoping to build on their win at the weekend. Les Mauves are hopeful to make  their points gap greater again after Brugge and Gent won earlier in the week. 

The thing is, Anderlecht have a game on their hands as Charleroi could still get a qualifying place in the Europa League. Of course mathematically they can get a Champions League qualifying place, but for me that’s less likely.

Without Hamdi Harbaoui due to Anderlecht being his parent club, they’ll have to rely on goals from elsewhere, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if the side from Brussels rotate and rest players, whether they be on the bench or out of the squad altogether.

The reason I say that last point is, and I know managers say they don’t look at the next match, but Anderlecht do have Gent away on Sunday afternoon, knowing a win tonight and maybe even Sunday will almost sew up the title for them. Charleroi travel to Oostende Sunday evening so a positive result in their eyes, along with a win for themselves on Sunday will put them in a strong position. Its not beyond Les Zèbres to achieve this so there is lots to play for amongst everyone else in this PO1, even if Anderlecht are in a league of their own…



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