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Player Profile: Tom De Sutter

With not long left in the season, this striker is known throughout Belgium and the Pro League very very well. Playing at the top 2 clubs in the land within his career, which he may look on as mainly having bad luck rather than anything else, the tall, stocky Belgian has been exceptionally good in parts as well as unlucky now and again.

Now plying his trade back home in his native land after a spell at Bursaspor, Tom De Sutter at 31 will probably look to finish his career in the Pro League now. Winning titles and cups at Anderlecht and Club Brugge, he is now at Lokeren, hopefully, trying to turn their luck around and add some fantastic experience to those around him.

This season hasn’t been fantastic​ though for him individually, averaging a goal every 6 matches in the regular season (4 in 24 matches) which maybe the reason they just couldn’t find the scoresheet as a club, especially in the 2017, and with his ability up front, he averaged an assist every 8 matches. However, in the play offs he has been exceptional, doubling his goal tally for the season within the 6 matches played! 

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With injuries in his past, his composure up front, as well as leadership and eye for the odd goal, as well as bringing those into play around him are the major reasons he is vital for Lokeren. Maintaining his place week in week out is key for personal reasons as every year now edges away at the big man’s career.

Hopefully his next victims in terms of a victory, Mouscron, look like an easy target for him after the side have picked up in form, and Mouscron have faultered more often then not. He’ll aim to get on the scoresheet once again, and personally, that is a possibility, making up for his lack of playing time against them in the very recently, yet crazy match where Lokeren through away a victory, with a 90 plus minute winner, before it was snatched from them 2 minutes later!

To sum up, he is a certainty in my opinion to start and has to as the upturn in form coincides with De Sutter’s form, and if they are to continue their form now, going into next season, the big man has to be one of the first names on the team sheet!



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