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Is It The Same Old in PO2B?

Sorry, but this group has been dead since the first match day when Genk flexed their superior muscles and showed everyone their cards and dared all those behind them to put up a fight. Some have wanted to in fits and spurts but it’s like a relay race behind, with each club, well, Kortrijk, Eupen and now Lokeren, picking up the baton to finish second, which gets you nowhere.

And speaking of the latter their, Lokeren bring Mouscron into the Daknam where all I can see is a home win. Tom De Sutter and Guus Hupperts have played well recently, putting the Lokeren train back on track, but just arriving later than they wanted. Mouscron however have just not shown up, unless they face Roeselare. Mouscron may want to turn up and make a fist of it, but I’m certain they just looking towards July and August now.

Next up Kortrijk host Roeselare who probably, along with Mouscron, simply want the season to end. No wins and just effort to show more than points, the second tier outfit could finally nick a win as Kortrijk are unsure whether or not they’ll turn up themselves tonight. They can be clinical as well as disastrous so who knows frankly…but I’m confident the home side will come out victorious. In fact, I have a feeling all three home sides will pick up 3 points this weekend in PO2B.

And possibly Genk on Sunday will be the only certainty. However, with a young Eupen side coming to town, Genk will either ease off as they have basically wrapped up this group,  or will be switched on as usual and do a professional and devastating job on Sunday night. I can’t think of much to say. I did think this would be a group deciding match with not long to go, but Genk have been phenomenal throughout, especially at the Luminus Arena within this group.

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