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My JPL Open Blog

I’ve decided to write this blog post as an open one. Not about a specific team and to be honest, it’s not 100% all about football. It’s mainly about me, my love affair with football and why football in Belgium?

To start with, I’ll talk about me, although my ‘About’ part could tell you a lot. I started playing football when I was just 4. I am a person who thinks of you don’t like football, there is something wrong. I know that’s narrow minded, but football is so powerful it dictates your life. It creates superstitions, it can dictate your behaviour, it gives you an outlook on how you’ll go about doing certain things in your day to day life and it gives you heroes, heroes we love, hate and try to mimic now and again. 

When I was 4 years old I wanted to be Ian Wright and then Dennis Bergkamp when I was 8ish. I used to wear my socks like Freddie Ljungberg and I’d always roll my sleeves up always, in every weather. I had to wear the number 4 shirt like Vieira and sometimes I’d try and run like Patrick Vieira. I studied these players because they were amazing.

Even though it makes me sound unbelievably weird, real football fans did the same surely. I can recall most results over the past…erm…20 years that my team played, and going by who I’ve described above with players, it’s a dead giveaway. And with the style as well as what football is all about, I was wanted by clubs as a child. Football is about expression, no fear, passion and above all else…WINNING! Winning can make or break a day, weekend, week, month (if you’re really sad) and that’s why we love football.

To end me and my love of football, if you know what I look like now, and with my pictures with Gary Martin and Roberto Martinez, you’ll see I’ve gained a bit of weight now, but 10 years ago I was at a professional football club in England with an agent. Things happen and when football gets real, it sometimes becomes less fun you know? I had a 17 year career before I started my career and playing isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be.

I don’t play football at all now because if I get injured, I can’t support my family, so life sometimes gets in the way, which doesn’t bother me cause I love that I don’t have to constantly diet and go to the gym at least 4 times a week ha!

So now I watch my team home and away and write about a league where, in England, it has no place. We’ll poach your players and ridicule the Pro League until they take Manchester United to extra time, and for that split second people are interested, until they play Celta Vigo and then they forget. To get inform is near impossible. Televised leagues here include France, Spain, Italy, Dutch, Scottish, occasionally Irish and recently CHINESE!?!? You can get the Pro League for a fee on a channel I doubt many subscribe to. 

To find highlights is easy but rare and even they’re hardly watched. I rely on players and fans enjoying my blogs and I’m so thankful a blog about Belgian football is sometimes appreciated, especially by Frèdèric Frans! But I write because I love writing. I feel I have to type this blog that is occasionally read, especially in Italy for some reason, and I’m grateful for that too. But I like Belgium. I went to watch Anderlecht in the Champions League and I really like Brussels. I went to watch the Brugge derby and I love Bruges! Lokeren looked lovely and Antwerp was quiet, but similar to Brussels in some ways. I have an interview lined up in Eupen in a week and a half with Beveren and Genk promising interviews next season.

I love football and Belgium. I do this for you, but it’s a blog, meaning I also do this for me. I hope you now get why I wrote about football and the JPL for that matter. I always accept criticism and especially praise! But above all else, I just hope you like it.

Erm…talk soon



I am a father, a husband and a lover of football. Which order I do love all 3 is up to you to decide

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