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Champions League Play Off Anyone…

With Anderlecht winning the title, or Club Brugge losing it, depending on how you want to put your spin on it, Belgium have their league champions as of Thursday night as Anderlecht fought back to defeat Charleroi, although Brugge’s defeat meant any result would suffice.

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But because of that defeat, and Gent’s outstanding performance against Zulte Waregem, today’s match between 2nd vs 3rd at the Jan Breydel Stadion is a Champions League play off! One point separate the two heading into the match, and with Gent’s form, I wouldn’t be surprised if they sneak into second by this afternoon. Looking at form within these play offs, Gent have been second in terms of points won, whereas Brugge are level with Oostende! And at one ponts I thought Oostende were quite dreadful. 

With those points to games, there’s no surprise that Gent have snuck up, and at one point, they were contenders to Anderlecht, and also, shows how average Club Brugge have been too. They’ve just looked out of sorts to me and I’m going to look back at my post from when I said that Anderlecht would win the league, mainly due to the inability of teams around them to take initiative. 

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Other than that massive fixture due to the consequences of the outcome, the other 2 are just fillers. True, Charleroi could overtake Oostende and get a Europa League play off against either Genk or Sint Truiden, but maybe Zulte Waregem will turn up for once and Oostende may hope Les Mauves partied just a little too much since Thursday and upset the coronation at the Constant Vanden Stock? 

Overall, I think Genk deserve the Europa League place and will represent the league a bit better than the alternatives. People may not like that but it’s simply an opinion. But until they play Sint Truiden who have been brilliant, either De Kustboys or Les Zèbres will lie in wake depending on this afternoon’s result.

All I know is that I’ll miss writing about league matches, the connotations of results and the quality shown in those matches as well. The twist and turns, the upsets and the routs. I won’t lie, some matches have just looked on the surface as dead rubbers, but when it ends 4-4 or 5-3, you realise that attacking wise there are some real quality players with creativity and drive, as well as absolutely inept defending, organisation and sometimes, woeful goalkeeping.

I’ll post my opinion on today’s matches tomorrow morning and will write little posts throughout the summer, but all I know is that I can’t wait already for who’ll come in, who’ll surprise and which team will push the champions all the way again!



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