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De Limburg Derby Day!

In Belgium, it’s unofficial cup final day! Well, not totally because the prize after this is just to play Oostende. That’s the real ‘final’. But tonight, Genk host Sint Truiden where the whole Provence will be glued to the outcome of these two rivals. 

Genk hold the upper hand. They have players who have played in big matches, they’re at home, they cruised to top in PO2B, meaning they had the luxury to rest players and they’re at home. Some may say they’d prefer them in the Europa League come next season due to their fine performance this season. 

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But I think one thing goes against them. STVV have been switched on throughout the entire play offs, playing against arguably tough opposition and have players right on form in Gerkens, Vetokele and Ceballos. All 3 have been outstanding, with the other 8 around them like Stef Peeters and maybe even an in form Kurt Abrahams might be the match winner. 

With all those who could stand out, of course Genk have real quality of their own, from Mathew Ryan in goal, through to Samatta up top, with Trossard and Scrijvers and Pozuelo andyou catch my drift. Not only is this a fantastic match, if the Luminus Arena really does light up, there could be fireworks and maybe even an upset. This is the one off of all one off matches in a derby situation! The cream always rises to the top, but matches in Belgium aren’t always settled by moments of real quality. One loose ball ceased upon, one slip in defence or one costly missed chance could be the deal breaker in what I feel will be a tight affair compared to say…the 3-0 away win from Genk a few months ago. Not only was real quality on show, but a quick fire treble sealed the win for De Smurfen just before half time.

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That of course could be replicated, but I think De Kanaries have strengthened mentally since then and may spring a surprise if they’re as battle hardened as they have been, demolishing Mechelen last time out and romping to the top of PO2A! I just think, even if this wasn’t a derby, It’d still be a fantastic match due to their form going into the match. Goals have to be scored tonight regardless, but I wouldn’t be surprised if goals are guaranteed by both in the fight for Europe, or at least, the next phase in their quest! 




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