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Genk Control De Limburg Derby!

Before the match I wrote a piece that hopefully made the match, on paper, look a whole lot more competitive than it’d be on grass. But unfortunately for Sint Truiden, football isn’t played on paper, and along with that, Genk played De Kanaries off the pitch!

I was at my own huge game yesterday where the best team won, and across to North West Belgium, the​ best team also won. I really did believe a fight, in a good way, would be put up by the visitors, but Genk’s superiority really shined through. Lucas Pirard was rushed off his feet to be honest and his gloves were more than warm. After a short drinks break, the breakthrough finally happened, in what looked like the simplest fashion with a tap in from Thomas Buffel 6 yards out. Ten minutes later, Jean-Paul Boetius switched from provider to scorer. After a free flowing move, he swept home a finish, once again unmarked.

Courtesy of Getty Images

Albert Stuivenberg’s team were just a class above and Mbwana Samatta sealed the win on the 55th minute looping the ball over the hapless keeper, once again unchallenged. Only resorting STVV to half chances, the scoreline flattered Sint Truiden who after such a fantastic play offs, deserved more in the end, and their fans certainly did. Genk just have the upper hand right now in Limburg and along with that, showed why they could just be better suited to the Europa League. The only question I want to ask is how did they finish 8th in the regular season?

Courtesy of Getty Images

But onto Wednesday, a huge game will take place on the coast at Oostende, where rest may be crucial to Oostende in the end, but with a red hot Genk right now, I wouldn’t want to guess a potential score! 



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