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What to do in Belgium?

This could possibly be my shortest blog post thus far. I’m not struggling with what to write and I have a few ideas, but until it’s worth putting them down on here in just thinking ‘What to do?’.

With Belgian football, unless you’re over there, fluent in Dutch or French or really have the inside track on the ins and outs of certain clubs, it’s tough to get ahead. Doing this from England is firstly a hobby, but I feel if people read this, and read it regularly, I have a duty to post my thoughts and opinions. I’ve had brief but very good conversations with fans and I feel if they want my opinion, I have to give it which I enjoy doing. 

I guess the good thing is that I am 100% unbiased. I may like players and certain things about certain clubs, but I don’t particularly support a team in Belgium. So when I give my opinion, that’s all I do and nothing more. No club dictates why a player may want to leave or join or how certain things dictate why managers and players made those actions. I may not always be right, but that’s the fun of making a prediction, especially if you are correct once and a while. 

But back to the matter at hand. The JPL post certain news where, no offence, I don’t think is worthy of writing about from my point of view. Maybe that means they’re struggling for ideas in post season, leading to pre season. But with not long til the beginning of the season, and the fact this is primarily about league football and not international football, I need to maybe dig deeper and find more to discuss. Another blog I have ready to type up is about social media, where certain clubs don’t write enough for their fans in general. 

Social media, especially Twitter, can be amazing for publicity. Not just for minor blogs like mine, but for example, a local club to me in England, Billericay Town, have been unbelievably popular, whether it’s good or bad on social media because of the R Kelly song they sang. I found it embarrassing, but it was seen by thousands, including R Kelly! Now you don’t have to embarrass yourself to be popular, but they were the talk of a lot of outlets e.g television, radio, internet etc. Make use of what you have football clubs and preach a bit more. The league clearly has quality in certain places so show it off and be proud.

Like I said, I have certain things to think about writing, but I’ll give clubs a chance next season before I may post it to every club, not just one massive tweet! But anyway, I’ll have my transfer roundup on Monday again as there is always movement, including so far this week, but as it’s been broken, I’ll give my opinion soon.

Until next time I guess…or just see ya Monday!



I am a father, a husband and a lover of football. Which order I do love all 3 is up to you to decide

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