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Are The Japanese Coming to Sint Truiden?

After the recent ups and downs at the Staaien this week, where Ivan Leko parted company with De Kanaries to join Club Brugge, the club are doing more business in the board room right now than business in the dugout. If the boardroom look at potential new managers they may hope for someone who kept them up and had them dreaming in the play offs, like Leko. Then again they may go to the Asia, where origami swans and sushi is being served at the club now (unlikely) and try and get their manager from Japan!

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Ok, I may be going slightly over the top, but the club announced their link with Japanese enterprise The online company deal with all types of stuff, from on demand videos, to e-books and online shopping. To list everything would be boring as there are 12 services that they do cover, but if I can look them up, so can you! The DMM (Digital Media Mart) are pretty impressive and have been steadily growing in Japan in finance and popularity.

What does this mean for Sint Truiden? Probably more exposure in Japan? Players wearing geisha outfits in secret unaired adverts only in Japan? But if they’re shown in Tokyo and beyond then financially for the club, this could be massive in terms of benefits abroad. It’s a smart move really. If the club also manage to pluck some of the best talent too. If the next Yuya Kubo wound up on their doorstep, I’m sure the fans won’t be too unhappy! 

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The other day I said I would’ve possibly written my shortest post. I’ve beaten that by some way with this one, but I just believe if the club choose their manager wisely and exposure from this shareholder soon becomes pretty successful, it may lead to other and different companies getting involved in the club as a whole!



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