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Ware are the Gems at Zulte

Another quality title to add to my tally…hmmm, anyway, I wrote a piece for a website about Lokeren and immediately thought, I should’ve saved it for my blog. So that’s why my Belgian football topics will remain here, and Zulte Waregem definitely deserve some of my time as they have been relatively busy leading up to the transfer window opening, maybe making a real go at next season domestically and now they’re in the Europa League?

With the loss of Henrik Dalsgaard to Brentford and the strong rumours which I no longer think are rumours of Mbaye Leye running his contract down, re-enforcements are very much needed, but I believe they’ve wheeled and sealed very well so far. I know I posted on Monday about shrewd signings of Ben Reichert and Nill De Pauw will add a hint of savviness to the squad, plying their trade in different leagues which are different to the Pro League in good ways, and will add quality too. The early acquisition Sandy Walsh was a good piece of business in my opinion too.

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Adding someone with the know how of the league is invaluable, as well as having continental experience going so far with Genk last season in Europe is a huge bonus. Adding that Pro League experience as well is Gertjan De Mets, maybe with the club thinking if Kortrijk can raise their squad, we’ll take one in return!?! But either way, I think so far there has been good business dealt in the post/pre season, as it seems to have overlapped in Belgium.

It was a shame to see Lukas Lerager go because if he is good enough for Ligue 1 and Bordeaux, he is good enough for Zulte Waregem, which sounds disrespectful maybe to De Pauw, who has made a reversal, but it isn’t really because I think the Pro League has stepped up to the level of some Ligue 1 clubs, including Bordeaux and Guingamp. But with these comings and goings, some players have left the club which may mean more deals or a freshening up of a squad which looked stale come the end of the season, where they downed tools and looked forward to their holidays by the looks of it.

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I just hope we see a competitive Zulte this season and maybe run the top 2 closer this season, if the cup doesn’t get in the way again. End of the day, silverware is always important, especially to the fans!



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