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Manager Profile: Tintin Marquez

It’s finally happened. Sint Truiden have employed a replacement to Ivan Leko! The Spaniard, who is a familiar face in Belgium (mainly to Eupen fans) has signed for De Kanaries for the upcoming season.

Obviously the ins and outs were finalised but why has it taken so long? Known mainly in Spain, he has a job on his hands at the Staaien if I’m honest. With Pieter Gerkens leaving he has a void to fill, along with other areas within the squad! 

From being on such a high after an heroic play off tussle, the club seem deflated. Even their social media expert on Twitter seemed to have given up until 3 hours ago! A big job where consolidation maybe the order of the day in the Pro League? Maybe I’m being too pessimistic but right now, not a lot seems to be going on at the club and standing still in football can be as good as going backwards.

For STVV’s case, I hope I’m wrong, but until late July, we won’t find out….definitely good luck to Tintin Marquez and his backroom staff! 



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19 thoughts on “Manager Profile: Tintin Marquez

  1. Leye is starting to piss Essevee off, and Carl Balliére imho is totally right. They gave him respect and even offered a contract, but he keeps trashtalking. Just go away and stop talking shit so you and Essevee are both happy, I think. What about you?

    1. I think, unless he knows something we don’t, he should just be respectful. A club is never totally in the right but a man of his age and experience should deal better with the things thrown at him. I’m contacting Brentford on Monday with the chance to HOPEFULLY interview Henrik Dalsgaard and if they say yes, I’ll let you know and get his thoughts

    1. Yeah, some Championship clubs think they are topclubs [or maybe, to stay in our discussion, they think they are Leye ;)]. They are really serious clubs tho, better than many D1 European clubs

      1. Ha good link! But yes when you have Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest in our second tier and they’ve won as many Champions Leagues than Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and man city combined! They definitely think they’re massive

      2. Yeah, it impresses me, since you have to know I’m Italian and Serie B sides are for the most competitively and economically weak (maybe you know what happened with Pisa last season), while Championship teams could probably compete in Europa League, I think.

      3. I’d say the only similarities between Serie B and our championship is that occasionally, anyone can get promoted for the first time. I used to watch Serie A more than the Premier League when I was a child. I do feel lucky because unlike Italy (parma, fiorentina years ago amongst others) and nearly every club in Belgium who has had to merge to survive, English clubs look so stable that liquidation or bankruptcy basically rarely ever happens

      4. Yeah, the only English team I know who fell into that situation is Portsmouth some years ago, that’s what my bad bad English football knowledge says.

      5. Lol terrible owners and Harry Redknapp bought an obscene amount of players. They won league 2 last season and they’re owned by the fans now so they’re slowly coming back

      6. yeah, I just followed L2 last year because I like Blackpool, another team with a “difficult” ownership, maybe they are going away if they lose the current court case against Belokon, and another team who was promoted

      7. If I understand your comment, so if yours was a question, Belokon is Latvian. Orient’s Becchetti is Italian, another oh-so-unable president

      8. Oooh I know now. Leyton Orient were bought yesterday by an American owner who an executive at Dunkin Donuts! And the Latvian link at Blackpool rings a bell. But yes, other than those, there’s mismanagement at Charlton, Coventry and Blackburn Rovers but that’s it out of the 100+ professional clubs

      9. Oh didn’t know. I knew that Becchetti’s intentions were to sell the O’s, while the Oystons’ones are quite different

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