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Could It Be a Long Season for Mouscron?

Rarely do I ever talk about Mouscron. In fact, I’ve only ever discussed the club with a Simon Diedhiou Player Profile a couple of months ago, but it came to me today that the club have hardly delved into the transfer market and there’s only 3 and a half weeks til the season kicks off! You don’t necessarily need signings to make your club better, we all know that, but when the majority of your club has gone back to their parent clubs, it’ll be a struggle to put quality on the pitch come the end of this month!

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I really believed REM would stay up though if I’m honest, and not at Westerlo’s expense either, but that’s irrelevant now. But with a spirited end to the campaign, they dug themselves out of the whole they created and, well, simply limped through the play offs, which may be understandable, but still, could’ve put up some fight. They were lucky that Roeselare were in their group, but again I digress. 

I tend to find that not only is the recruitment a problem for the club, but the attendances too. They have the 12th biggest stadium in terms of capacity in the league, but whenever I’d look at matches at the Stade Le Cannonier, it looked like one man and their dog. That’s unfair, but it’s true. To support your team you go through thick and thin, and then thin and thinner. Why stay in the Pro League if the club won’t progress. Lokeren have already targeted a top 8 finish. Ambition. Sint Truiden have publicly said they envision a top 6 finish. Ambition. 

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Why can’t the club make early bids for the second tier players ahead of the rest. Rajsel and Kehli were snapped up early so that’s fair enough, but Manuel Benson was EVENTUALLY signed by Genk. What if Mouscron showed something? Players want to play as high as possible, whether that be within the same league or a step up in division. Why can’t the club, again, take advantage of the loan system, but in the Pro League? Sidy Sarr just went to Chateauroux in France. Couldn’t he have gone Mouscron? Perhaps, perhaps not, but he’d be a decent signing. The squad looks decimated and void of quality now Hubert and Trezeguet have returned to their parent clubs and reinforcements are needed and fast, even if the coach has to pick up another Stanciu, Rotariu or Chipciu from his native Romania? 

I maybe wrong, granted, but with the season fast approaching, I fear for Mouscron already, and hopefully I’ll be proved wrong come next March.



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