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Europe Beckons for These Three…

Today is the day where Club Brugge, Gent and Oostende have found out who they’ll face, qualifying for the Champions League and Europa League. 

Personally, I think Club Brugge have had a reasonably good draw. All opponents, whether they’re good or not, always have their positives and negatives. Out of interest for whoever reads this, the Blauw-Zwart drew Istanbul Başakşehir from Turkey, obviously. When I think of Istanbul…..hir I think, unfortunately, I think about Emmanuel Adebayor who briefly played for them last season. 

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But back to the club, finishing behind Beşiktas (I believe) is a very good effort, mainly because they were above Fenebahce and Galatasaray in the process. Also, a long journey to Turkey isn’t ideal, especially when it will be hot there! With the second leg being in Turkey, a good result at home is vital and Ivan Leko would love nothing more than a positive result in his early tenure at the helm of the Brugge management.

Gent and Oostende also had a European draw of their own today and it is safe to say, the tastiest draw regarded Oostende as they face Marseille! Fair to mention that this is a huge European opener for De Kustboys in their maiden season in Europe. 

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Unfortunately I have a bad feeling as Marseille have received some money from the ownership and the Stade Velodrome is considered one of the most hostile environments in European football, along with the fact that the Versluys Arena…well…isn’t. A clash of the European seafronts in this one.

Gent return to the Europa league after a mixed campaign last term, defeating Premier League runners up Tottenham before being torn apart by Genk in the next round. This year they start their journey in either Belarus or Austria against Dynamo Brest or Altich respectively. Honestly, this is a good draw on the surface because I consider Gent are far more superior than their potential opposition, and with Yuya Kubo available for selection this season in Europe, that’ll help their cause all the way to wherever they end up in the tournament.

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A mix bag of results really from the draw, but European football can throw up surprises now and again. Of course I hope all 3 succeed and crack on, but who knows…? 



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5 thoughts on “Europe Beckons for These Three…

    1. Ha I put Başakşehir 🙂 I said they were runner up to Beşiktas. Also, Brentford actually said I can interview Dalsgaard, it’s up to the players to want to talk to me. In other words, if his too big time then it won’t happen lol

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