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Waas Going on at Beveren?

Recently I’ve been looking more at clubs rather than signings. I didn’t exactly scrap the ‘Brief Transfer Roundup (insert Roman numeral)’ and simply put it on hold to look more at the clubs who aren’t exactly strengthening and maybe should be looking to progress rather than potentially digress.

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Beveren this pre season, and post season for that matter, have been less than convincing in the transfer market. Signing 3 players in 6 weeks isn’t a bad thing, but with an average season last time, maybe they’re settling or hoping to consolidate their league position in the top flight. I’m not one to tell a club how to run their business as firstly, I’m not in their position, secondly, I don’t see players on a daily basis, and thirdly, who knows what their targets actually are? 

With Phillipe Clement installed as the new gaffer, it could be a tough task ahead of him this season as his never managed a team in the top flight, working his way through the Club Brugge staff to assistant, which is easier at a bigger club with bigger players, ambition and under Michel Preud’homme, it would be easier in general. Beveren can’t lure the players as well as Brugge and the budgets will be different. I’m sure he is relishing the task ahead and I am half surprised Cedomir Janevski went because they ended the play offs a hell of a lot better than how they started, although I did suggest his job may be under threat back in April. 

Back to the playing staff, the main positives from my point of view is that the club haven’t had a big amount of players leave the club, meaning that it’s not as if they have a huge turnaround of players and the squad will seem more settled than clubs around losing 10 players and then signing 12. Another positive in a weird way is the acquisition of the Japanese midfielder Ryota Morioka from Wroclaw on a three year deal. The first Japanese to play for Beveren, and, will boost the clubs interest in Asia (hopefully). With a couple of Japanese internationals now in the Pro League, interest in the league and maybe revenue could boost the finances of the club and could see even more players come this way?

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After my Royal Antwerp post the other day, they went and signed 4 players, so possibly a similar situation may occur, but as long as Clement feels the squad has enough depth, quality and understanding, maybe 4th from bottom can be achieved. At least that’s progress?



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