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Who Will Keep the Cleanest Sheet?

Last Friday, I decided to discuss, with nobody, who would be potent the strongest in attack as a team and individually. Looking at each team’s attack, it’ll look likely that Anderlecht could well be the strongest along with Club Brugge. The same could be said between the sticks with Frank Boeckx and either Ludovic Butelle, Ethan Horvath and Guillaume Hubert. The reason why I’ve picked all 3 possibilities is because Butelle of course was ever present until Horvath came in during the Play Offs and performed superbly. Hubert is a new signing from Standard and probably didn’t sign to sit on the bench.

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But along with those 4, much like the strikers, there are more than capable goalkeepers who could follow Courtois and Mignolet to pastures new. But not all goalkeepers are the reason for keeping clean sheets. The defence in front of them tends to be as I because they prevent shots, crosses and headers coming in on the goalkeeper. In England, Arsenal had a great goalkeeper in David Seaman in the past and Petr Cech at Chelsea have kept records for goals not conceded in a season. One thing in common, they had fantastic defenders in front of them.

That goes for now as well. For example, Hendrik Van Crombrugge is a very good goalkeeper in my opinion, but unfortunately, and Diawandou Diagne agreed, defensively Eupen are just not good at all. Will Genk perform as well without Mathew Ryan this coming season? Mouscron have the same problem with Logan Bailly being their only goalkeeper, apparently, and Lokeren will need to replace Copa Barry too. 

Goalkeepers are the toughest position to replace or look after as it’s the costliest position. Nicolas Penneteau and Colin Coosemans had extremely good seasons individually last term keeping 25 clean sheets in the league combined. Hopefully they’ll be able to replicate that form this season, which will be tough! Along with them, we will get to see a full season out of Lovre Kalinic at Gent and a favourite of mine who somehow never fully hit the heights, Guillermo Ochoa. The Mexican who signed recently for Standard Liege could help the team progress better than last season. I remember writing a piece where if the team who scored first went on to win the match, Standard Liege would’ve actually finished top! So clean sheets are a major issue for Les Rouches, along with seeing out matches.

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Within this post I’ve purposely named goalkeepers as they are the most underrated position in my opinion, along with full backs in football. They are the players who receive specialist coaching and equipment and can win you as many points as a striker or attacking midfielder. They deserve a huge amount of credit and mentions! There is a list of real quality keepers within the Belgian Pro League who may, unfortunately, not see out the season or may be bought come next summer. As long as that doesn’t disrupt teams too much, which it most probably will, then we could see some real quality performances!



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7 thoughts on “Who Will Keep the Cleanest Sheet?

  1. If Zulte gets Leali from Juventus (last season he played 27 games with Olympiakos) they could also have a talk in this race. I love Bossut but he is getting old. Still a nice keeper, but he is usually injured. Maybe Dury could play Leali in the JPL and Bossut in the Cup and in the EL, or vice versa. Surely Leali is better than Roef, I don’t like him

    1. Anyone who’s trained with Buffon and learned from him should be good. I was thinking Bossut as well but you’re right, it’s the age factor. After what happened with Bostyn on Saturday you’ll need a goalkeeper!

      1. Yeah, I would not even say that it is his fault, he played six games in his whole pro career, I think. And the Supercup is a little bit more important than a friendly match. The real tests come from the JPL and in this case the Europa League

      2. Off topic curiosity time. A week ago, I had nothing to do, so I modified King Leye’s Transfermarkt profile, adding his actual move from Zulte Waregem to Zulte II. Somehow that edit looked hilarious, and it came till Leye himself, who had a laugh about it in this tweet:
        Then thanks to that tweet, my random modification was worth of an article on Het Laatste Nieuws, one of Belgium’s best newspapers.

      3. I’m jealous! Haha! Nice. It was expressing your feelings without being vitriol which is the best way, especially if the player appreciates that it’s frustration from a fan without showing anger! Well done

  2. (read about it on voetbalkrant, with special thanks to my not so advanced Dutch skills, and on other Belgian and Italian sites)

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