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Player Profile: Sinan Bolat

Back with a bang, the Pro League is back and the action can’t come quicker or faster at you, especially if your name is Sinan Bolat. The Turk has come back to Belgium out of the football wilderness where he has had more clubs than Jack Nicklaus and hasn’t settled since moving to FC Porto from Standard Liege 4 years ago.

Now…the problem is that he is a goalkeeper. No, that isn’t the actual problem. The problem is that there is only one position to fill when you’re a goalkeeper. I’m gambling on Bolat actually starting in the match to find out which Champion is better? The Division B champions who haven’t played a competitive match in months! Or Anderlecht. No introduction. Just simply Anderlecht. 

With no actual form to go off of, match rustiness could possibly be a factor. It’ll be a factor for both sides of course, but Bolat had a season to forget pulling on the gloves for half a season last term for Arouca in Portugal, on loan from Porto, and well, it wasn’t his fault that the team faultered frankly. The weird thing is, I honestly believed this match would happen. First match of the season. Royal Antwerp vs Anderlecht. I don’t know why, I just thought it wouldn’t shock me. The fixture list throws up all sorts of fixtures but I honestly thought this would happen.

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I’ll look stupid (which isn’t difficult) if Bolat doesn’t start. But with his top flight experience in Belgium, hopefully the Great Old will call upon his experience in the Pro League to not only help them out tonight, but for the season too, and aid in the development of the squad. To those who don’t know the league.

I’ll leave you all with the thought of Onyekuru, Teodorczyk, Stanciu and Ganvoula M’Boussy tearing down on goal. Good luck!



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