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When Will Gent’s Season Start?

I was going to write this yesterday, but walking to Pafos FC stadium, plus I was tired last night, I’ve waited til this morning. It probably would’ve read better last night with ideas popping into my head, but that’s my fault. Anyway, back to the actual topic I’m writing about. KAA Gent have massively faulted so far this season.

Out of Europe losing out to Altach and ZERO points in the Pro League, I was looking at certain things which may be why they’re stuttering. I didn’t look very far mind but I thought are the transfers to blame? Jeremy Perbet has left…nope, I wouldn’t say him leaving is a problem.

Is it because Jacob Rinne has been in goal? Actually, that maybe a problem. No offence Jacob, but there’s a reason Lovre Kalinic is No. 1! Certain decisions made by the Swede have been costly, especially in Europe (unless I’m mistaken) so I think you can say the lack of your first choice goalkeeper can be a problem. Most clubs would say that in fairness.

Another thing is that Yuya Kubo hasn’t hit the ground running like last season. I said to someone very recently that I agreed with their comment of him potentially being a top scorer in Belgium this season, but he seems to slow down once at the club in his second season. Ask Young Boys. It’s definitely unfair to be critical of players after 2 league games, but Gent have had 4 competitive matches in total. Two matches in the Europa League in which that doesn’t just affect the club financially but on the pitch. That player Hein Vanhaezebrouck was eyeing up has now moved elsewhere because of lack of continental football.

Then again, it wouldn’t hurt Gent doing what Anderlecht and Club Brugge have done and cherry pick better players from Pro League clubs? Look at Mats Rits. Performing at Mechelen, De Buffalos next opponents, he can make a difference. If goals are the problem, why didn’t Gent look at Elton Acolatse seeing as relegated Westerlo lost their top 2 players to two Champions League clubs?

Obviously Gent didn’t have to go for Acolatse but you get my point. Be more prudent. Which brings me to the gaffer. I’m honestly not pointing fingers, although I can see it looks that way, but give it a couple more weeks, would he have been the first sacked if it wasn’t for STVV beating them to it?

I’m a firm believer that literally every point counts, and now Gent have to make up 6 on Brugge, Zulte and Charleroi and four points on Anderlecht. That’s the difference between the championship play offs and Europa League. The difference between Champions League qualifiers and Europa League qualifiers.

I could be as hard on Oostende as I am on Gent, but they have had a tougher start in the league (just) and definitely a tougher Europa League draw. Like I’ve said before, I have no agenda against any Pro League club. In fact, I like Gent because they knocked Tottenham out of Europe last season. But if Gent fans read this, let me know your feelings and what you believe or actually know and feel whats wrong?!



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