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Something Stinks

The Pro League so far hasn’t disappointed on its return this season. You have top teams struggling like Oostende, Genk and Gent who are trying to get into the swing of things. Then you have Antwerp doing very well with Standard Liege (which isn’t much of a shock, but they were 9th last season!) So there is a mix of who is doing ok. But wait a second…there’s only been two matches. Some teams sometimes don’t even look at the league table until the 10th match at most.

But as managers and players have their own ideas on how to deal with performances, chairman and owners have different ideas. Lokeren yesterday sacked their manager Rùnar Kristinsson after just 2 matchdays this season and it has left a bitter taste in my mouth of I’m honest. If you want to feel worried that there have been no goals and 5 conceded, yes that’s fair. But I believe I just mentioned Gent and Oostende who haven’t even picked up a point as well.

The club have invest in players this pre season and I honestly thought the team would kick on. Seeing as they haven’t just yet really shouldn’t matter. I honestly think the players need time to still gel together. To pull the trigger on Kristinsson is a bit of a panic move.

Peter Maes is already in the hot seat. He has been out of work for half a season since his dismissal from Genk last Christmas and it does make you wonder, if Lokeren hadn’t hired Rùnar Kristinsson and Genk had got rid of their man sooner, would he have just gone back then? This is why I feel this stinks. Granted Lokeren had their most successful spell under Mae’s, but I think this was lined up before the Kortrijk match. The board may have thought ‘we’ll give it a couple of days after the defeat and then we’ll announce this’.

It happens all the time. One manager leaves and before you can blink, a new manager is installed. The difference between this and Sint Truiden is that Tintin Marquez left after 2 matches when STVV have performed well, but from what I have now heard, it was down to his poor language skills coming across to the players. Maybe a case of ‘lost in translation’ could be on the cards. And as well as that’s funny in one way, if this is true, it’s totally unprofessional from the group of players.

I’m shocked if this is true because you’d feel Marquez’s language skills in Belgium should be adequate? It’s not his first time coaching in Belgium. But the board have insisted that the vision of the manager and the board weren’t the same. That there was a shortlist of 5 managers they interviewed yet Marquez was best. That this decision is best for the club…the club…the club! Three points out of six isn’t a bad return so far, and maybe the club are pining for Ivan Leko? But if the club decided letting Tintin go after 53 days is a good choice, then it’s clear the club didn’t do their due diligence.

Either way the clubs have either been open and honest of their assessment of what’s happened and I’m being over cynical of this, or, maybe there is something that stinks beyond these dismissals?



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