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Player Profile: Nicolas Verdier

Looking across the matches in the Pro League, I felt which team needed three points the most? Of course, 3 points is vital to every club. Every club needs a win, and the way sackings are occurring, managers need them more! And really, possibly none more than Jordi Condom.

That’s where Nicolas Verdier comes in. The 30 year old Frenchman is, of sorts, the replacement for Henry Onyekuru. Since the Nigerian has left, goals will need to be spread around the team or picked up by an individual. For the Pandas sake, they’ll hope it’s Verdier.

Eupen have had a terrible start. Eight goals conceded isn’t great, but then again, they have had the 2 teams sitting top of the table right now. As tough a start as Antwerp, yet Antwerp have dealt with their matches far better. Nicolas Verdier was not only signed to replace goals, but hopefully add experience through his age. With such a young squad at the Kehrweg stadium, his experience, sprinkled with some others, will be pivotal this term.

With a modest career, his never performed at a ‘big club’ mainly making his big break when he signed for Mechelen in 2015. Scoring 9 goals in the regular season last season, including one against Eupen, he’ll hope to do better this season, mainly because he’ll surely get more minutes, plus, with tche amount of goals Eupen managed to score last term, it’ll be either down to the individual being clinical when the chances come, or Eupen being that attackingly open (most likely a mixture of both). 

With Kortrijk up next, Eupen would like to start their season as of tomorrow. Any result can literally happen between these 2 in my opinion, with Kortijk being more unpredictable compared to last season, as in they may be more consistent? All I’m hopeful of is a good match and for my sake, for Verdier to at least put in a performance for this post, and, for an evenly contested match.



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