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Manager Profile: Yannis Anastasiou

I have procrastinated for long enough. Amongst all the ins and outs in the Pro League this pre season,and already this season too within the dugout, I’ve missed the hiring of Yannis Anastasiou at Kortrijk. Laziness, lack of coverage and, well, a number of things really. A lot more sacking were broadcast a hell of a lot louder than the news of former Roda JC manager in at Guldensporenstadion. With the start Kortrijk have had as well, the Greek manager deserves a bit of spotlight, even if it is after 3 matches.

Going back through the archives, the one time Anderlecht striker was appointed on the 20th of May. I was in Belgium and Germany the day before so as my excuse, I’ll take some sort of readjusting to the time difference and my familiar surroundings as my way of not knowing anything… or that I’m useless, you’ll decide (most likely the latter). A summer of multiple signings, which I’m sure isn’t over in regards to more acquisitions and outgoings, the team have been impressive this far, with 2 wins out of 3 and a loss away to unbeaten Charleroi by a David Pollet penalty is the only blotch.

Being shrewd in this window, the Greek manager has brought in players from the Pro League, nations around Russia, namely Ukraine, who have had successful players within Belgium, and areas he will know about around Greece such as Gary Kagelmacher from Maccabi Haifa and Abdul Jeleel Ajagun from Panathanaikos. One major success so far is Christophe Lepoint who has directly had a hand in Kortrijk’s last 3 goals!

On the other hand De Kerels have lost Idriss Saadi, Joãozinho, Andriy Totovitskiy and Nebosja Pavlovic. Key players who would all aid the team, some more than others, in keeping Kotrijk competitive last season. For me, they were very inconsistent and everyone will know that of course. They had 2 halves to the season, with the first half really being their saviour. Twenty four points gained before Christmas helped with survival really, seeing as in the regular season, they only gained 7 points in the second half (2017), one point more than they’ve already gained so far this season.

Without being too negative, Yannis Anastasiou will hopefully get a full season, and the way Kortrijk are going, the only way he won’t be at the club is through being poached? With a wealth of experience, playing and coaching, he could go anywhere IF he continues, although credit has to go to the playing staff too, but with his playing CV including Anderlecht and Ajax. And with a managerial CV including Panathanaikos, he can deal with pressure well and perform. With Roda JC seemingly being a one off right now, for Kortrijk, he’ll aim to get them firing in a continuous manner.

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