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Every Game Means Something this Weekend

To anyone who reads this, and let’s be honest, I’d be lucky if 1 person does. Let’s have it right, I enjoy writing, but who enjoys reading?!? Mini rant over, every match does seem to have something riding on it. Apologies to Standard Liege and Zulte Waregem fans for not including their match in a pre summary but I was in London today. A post match summary, in short, fantastic performance from Essevee with a 4-0 away win and Onur Kaya looks to add goals to his assists this season, hopefully for Francky Dury.

Now, in order. Let’s begin with Genk-Charleroi. One team gained a striker this week, whereas the other lost one. Charleroi have lost David Pollet to Turkey, like most of the Pro League whenever I see where a player has gone, which is unbelievable. But Charleroi have been great. A magnificent home win last week keeping their 100% record, whereas the hosts finally got off the mark with a swashbuckling win away at Antwerp. Big match to kick off the weekend with goals definitely on the agenda at the Luminus Arena!

Following that is a Zinho Gano-less Beveren, hoping that that won’t affect them, against pointless and goalless Lokeren, where Peter Maes will hope to have put his stamp on the side this week. Beveren have been great. Really, I mean I didn’t expect such a fine start. Lokeren on the other hand have disappointed me. Loads of fresh faces and good players too, but the gelling of this side is still yet to happen. Personally, I think this could be something like a 2-2 draw, but I’m always wrong!

At the same time, the other two pointless clubs contest for their first points of the season. Eupen welcome Oostende where, in short, I can only see an away win. Both with new strikers, the likelihood of Zinho making the difference is greater than Mbaye Leye, not saying that the Senegalese won’t !Ake his mark on the side though since his arrival.

Lastly on Saturday, Mechelen, with my PP Stefan Drazic, host Antwerp, looking for a response, and most likely, a tighter defence. For my Player Profile, I’m hoping for goals, especially if Tim Matthys performs like he did last weekend, but Antwerp in my opinion would love a 0-0 if I’m honest, and try and put some confidence back into that defence?

Sunday will come quicker than we’ll know it, and 3 HUGE matches end the week for us. Anderlecht definitely can’t wait so that they may just get their season on track. Sint Truiden with Jonas De Roeck will have their toughest test (mainly because they’re at the champions) but with a good 1-0 win at home against Standard last week, it’s good in the surface, but with 9 men and a calamitous bit of defending which Yohan Boli capitalised from, I have a feeling Les Mauves will win.

Now. Kortrijk, who I’ve shown some love to this week, play Club Brugge who are the Kortrijk of last season, but between domestic and European football. Christophe Lepoint has been on point this season, however, Dennis Bonaventure has been nothing short of amazing. An inspired signing who may lift Blauw-Zwart to the title with his incredible form. However, I actually believe this could be a tough one to call…

Finally, Mouscron, who have also been fantastic, face a Gent side still looking for their first win. Kalifa Coulibaly left for Nantes which takes some goals out of the side, and other players really need to step up for De Buffalos. I do feel Gent will snatch a win here though. Mouscron could surprise us a few times this season, but without being too predictable, I just feel Gent will be too strong on the night.



I am a father, a husband and a lover of football. Which order I do love all 3 is up to you to decide

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      2. No no no, well, sometimes you may find some swearwords, but no one sees it as a problem. I mean the site itself has an intense red colour

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      7. Yeah but mine was just a misunderstanding of the word, if I understood what it means “since day 1” I would’ve known it. Just that you can’t see red and green

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