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Team of the Season…So Far

I did one of these a few months ago and looking back I must’ve had writers block. But after 21 Pro League matches now (for some) and now that it’ll be the turn of the year in two days, why not give maybe a more accurate look of what I believe is the team of the year so far. I may have to play players out of position or have no balance whatsoever but I’ll see what you or anyone think if somebody stumbles across this.

Starting in goal. Why not ayyy? And I have 2 names that come to mind immediately and I’m sticking with them beyond the other shot stoppers in Belgium this season. The thing is who do I choose? The two names are Sinan Bolat and Thomas Kaminski. One has kept 9 clean sheets and the other has rescued Kortrijk more times than John McClain has rescued people in Die Hard. I will go for…Kaminski because although Bolat has been great, Kortrijk could be as good as gone if he wasn’t in goal for De Kerels, but instead they are on the edge of 6th place.

My defence will be a back 4 and I have players I respect as well as those who should be in here. It’s tough because league position does have to come into it. Along with that, you have to think if these players were to play as a team, would they keep a clean sheet? For example, Christian Luyindama is a beast, but would I trust him? I’m unsure. Some players have a great attitude and battling qualities, like Sandy Walsh, but he doesn’t make my team. To add to the ‘Oooo so close…’ list is Ari Freyr Skulason.

But the team I’ve picked are within teams who have kept clean sheets this season, and if I’m honest, one player is in there because I just feel he’ll move on to bigger and better things. I’ll start with him. I really rate Brian Hamalainen. Obviously people may disagree. I don’t see every minute Essevee play, but he just looks solid, can cross and shoot too. I rate him! Then the right back is Dion Cools. Has to be right? Top player who can only get better and won’t stay in Belgium forever surely.

The 2 centre halves for me are Brandon Mechele and Stefan Mitrovic. Two competent, footballing, defenders who are part of the two best defences in the Pro League this season. Ivan Leko clearly saw his qualities last season and the Brugge centre back has gone from strength to strength. Mitrovic is a player who I’d pick because of his desire and quality. Simple as that.

In midfield, this is tough in some ways because do I have a holding midfielder? Unlike naming who could of got in, I’ll just tell you who’s in there. Ruud Vormer is a dead certainty. No brainer and I don’t have to expand on why. Out left I have Ryota Morioka. Same reasons as Vormer. A player who won’t be in Belgium for long unfortunately as he is just a magnificent player who may well shine at the World Cup, not just in the Pro League.

Now, out right I have to put Hans Vanaken. A mainstay in the Club Brugge side and is as vital as Vormer in some ways. Can score and assist and can float about in a good way for this team and the Blauw-Zwart. But in the centre I’m really fucking torn. Trebel? Govea? It’s between those 2 for me. Trebel because even though I was critical of his persistent fouling, he didn’t look out of place in the Champions League this season. However, Govea has become the life and soul of a team I thought would be fighting off relegation right now.

If this team had to play a ‘Best of…’ from another league, I have to go for Trebel. His has the engine, close control and battling qualities I love. Without sounding arrogant, he reminds me of me but dirtier. Unassuming in some ways but 100% reliable and puts his stamp on a game. Actually…I’ve gone for Govea. I said of This Season and he has been great. Anderlecht have underwhelmed whereas Mouscron have overachieved. If I were to go for Trebel I might as well pick Pozuelo because I love that man.

And up front I’m not picking Isaac Kiese Thelin. He has done well at Beveren but not consistently. I’m not picking Henry Onyekuru either because his more on the wing now, although he is one of the better players at Anderlecht this season. Kaveh Rezaei is a definite for me. First season in European football and settled quicker than snow. He is reliable and I really like him.

His partner in crime will be…you know what, I don’t know because certain players don’t deserve it. Zinho has fallen away. Chevalier has only just come good since De Boeck come in. So I’m adding a defender and playing Vanaken and Morioka further up and slipping Dorian Dessoleil in at the back. Am I mad? Maybe. So what it’s my team! I did think Nana Asare going in at the back too but I’ve gone for Dessoleil. So a change of mind, change of formation and so on…I hope you enjoy 😊!

Goalkeeper < em>Thomas Kaminski < strong>Defenders< em>Dion Cools, Brandon Mechele, Stefan Mitrovic, Dorian Dessoleil, Brian Hamalainen (with Cools and Hamalainen as wing backs)

Midfield < em>Ruud Vormer and Omar Govea< strong>Attack< em>Hans Vanaken, Ryota Morioka And Kaveh Rezaei



I am a father, a husband and a lover of football. Which order I do love all 3 is up to you to decide

3 thoughts on “Team of the Season…So Far

  1. (4-2-3-1)
    De Fauw, Mechele, Dessoleil, Corryn;
    Vormer, Govea;
    Legear, Bandé, Limbombe;

    Bench (a.k.a. who couldn’t find a place but deserves a mention): Bolat, Dessoleil, Hamalainen, Malinovsky, Morioka, Bolingi, Gano

  2. I love Verhulst. His been outstanding. I thought of Malinovsky, too. Bandé has been exceptional but recently he’s head has been in Amsterdam and I just think Legear is just a set piece specialist. Great team you’ve picked though

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