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Wish I could make the Unfashionable, Fashionable

When I jumped into doing this I thought I could write about all sixteen Pro League clubs on a regular basis. There’s 365 days in a year, meaning I could technically talk about each club 22/23 times a year. I haven’t looked at who I’ve spoken about more often, but I’m certain Lokeren, Mechelen, Beveren, Standard Liège, erm…STVV and Mouscron haven’t had their day in the sun from me.

Not that any of you give a fuck, I’m just an idiot who spills his thoughts about Belgian football and I don’t have set dates on the calendar that I tick off, saying ‘today, I’ll choose Eupen’ or do a UEFA Champions League draw where I unscrew a ball an hold up ‘KV Kortrijk (BEL)’ and pluck some story out of my arse (sorry about giving anyone that image). But it’s true, I love the unfashionable, underdog teams who I don’t often speak about, and that includes Standard, but even the press publish more about the ‘top teams’ more often. The only way Beveren are mentioned is regarding Morioka leaving, but there’s no digging story on who’s coming in.

What doesn’t help, for me, is the lack of social media interaction from those teams. Kortrijk are brilliant at it to be fair, but Oostende, Lokeren, Waasland-Beveren and Mechelen for example just don’t post on Twitter (which I prefer). If you can’t write on there because there’s nothing worth talking about, I understand. I don’t just comment for the sake of it. But it’s like a ghost town on some accounts. Is it because there isn’t a designated social media expert on there? I don’t know. I’m not solely picking on those four. But a regular communication would be superb.

Sometimes though, no news is good news. I’m sure Lokeren fans may agree that their away wins against Zulte Waregem, Antwerp and Oostende this season were probably not so much spoken about a superb away performance, but an poor showing from the home team. Mechelen are in the news because of negativity. Same applies to Oostende, if they’re even spoken about and you’ll have to tell me, are Sint-Truiden getting credit for staying in sixth almost all season, or is the focus on Genk and Standard Liège chasing them?

As I’m writing this, I need to do my due diligence and write more about the ‘lesser teams’ of this season. Like I’ve said, I’m in England, there’s no ticker tape across the bottom of my TV with JPL news, but there could be some pieces. I did try and ‘big up’ Mouscron early on, amongst others because of the way this season began, but I know I wrote about the negatives of Anderlecht, Gent and Genk too, so I am guilty. Maybe it’s human nature to kick whilst they’re down than build those up who are in the spotlight. I’ve praised Antwerp enough. Maybe it’s time for others more often. I’ll try at least!

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Has the Loyalty Gone?

This is mainly a transfer blog post this time, but I feel a bit fed up. Mainly because two players who have come in this summer, and in fairness they did join ‘feeder clubs’, but who the fuck were Bandé and Morioka until now? Suddenly Ajax and Anderlecht come calling and it’s not that they’ve gone, I’ve done that in my ‘footballing career’ when I joined a professional club, but I waited and I still love the original semi pro club.

Mechelen and Beveren must feel like shit. They’ve signed players who are desperate to leave. One is on their way and one has basically gone mentally. It’s a shame these teams can’t squeeze every last drop out of them whilst under contract, but player power has never been so big until now, and that goes for all over the world, not just Belgium. Of course this window has thrown up plenty of deals, and it isn’t over yet, but transfer deadline day may be more dead than a cemetery.

Scholz has gone to Club Brugge (I think) with Refaelov going the other way? Hanni has unfortunately left for Spartak Moscow and rumours were that Teodorczyk is going Nantes. Anderlecht have already lost Stanciu to Sparta Prague and Dendoncker feels he has overstayed his welcome. Plenty want to leave Belgium and others want to stay if it’s at Club Brugge or Anderlecht. Well, I say Anderlecht even though I just named three players on their way.

Mechelen have been busy in that they’ve signed a squad by the looks of it. However, to then let a new manager look after them? Do they suit Van Wijk’s style? So far…no! Many say buying in January isn’t great. No deals, all that bollocks. But you can get players. Players who are out of favour and may be a short term fix. Some permanently and could prove pivotal long term. I’m just wondering will Standard, Gent, STVV, etc sign more or any players? Rumours in England is Chuba Akpom to STVV. Better for the player than the club if I’m honest.

I’m bouncing around this post thinking there’s 16 clubs all wanting the best deal they can get, can afford and which player could be the one who wins them matches, keeps them up, saves them points? Antwerp have been busy, as have Mechelen which I’ve mentioned, but that’s it off the top of my head. Others have added in terms of squad (Club Brugge) and others have been quiet. Genk have signed Seck but maybe some teams feel the odd tweak and not a lot of shuffling could upset the apple cart.

Sorry, I had this great post lined up in my head and was writing it whilst at work in my brain, but it’s all forgotten. I think the opening paragraph set me off. I was messaging a Beveren fan about Morioka recently and they said with a heavy heart, the Japanese has to go, but the money will help with the running of the club. Four million euros?!? Alexis Sanchez could earn that in two months (allegedly) and Beveren are scraping 2 cents to rub together. There’s no clubmen anymore, unless you support that club I guess. Money can and may well ruin football, even in Belgium. Not to carry this on, the BeNe League could prove that. But losing every single top player. It’s like I have to learn a new squad every 12 months!

I hope the 2 who fuelled this post do have great careers, and I hope those who fill their boots perform even better. Full of talents and underrated quality, I love Belgian football so much, it pains me when too players leave as much as those who leave the club I support. Pathetic but true…

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What a Great Day of Football

Well…did anybody expect some of the results that happened this weekend? We had four draws on Saturday and goals galore on Sunday. Ten goals in all on the Christian sabbath as what I felt was the game of the weekend kicked us off.

Gent hosted leaders Club Brugge in a game where De Buffalos took their chances and continued Vladimir Gabulov’s proud record of conceding two goals per match. The thing is that Brugge sort of had the luxury of this being a free game. Weird saying that for team at the top, but Charleroi and Anderlecht keep dropping points as Blauw-Zwart slowly creep away from the pair of them. I haven’t given Gent enough credit though. The cauldron of the Ghelamco proved too hot for the visitors and Vanderhaeghe has continued his fine job in charge. There is real quality in the squad and things are still promising for Gent in my opinion.

After that, Standard took on Anderlecht in a scintillating match that ended 3-3. Talking of credit, unless I don’t know about it here in England, Sofiane Hanni is in a league of his own sometimes. Through his goals he has gained 7 points in he last four matches for Les Mauves and a first half hat trick was just fantastic. A real top quality player. However, a player who I confessed that I loved on social media, Christian Luyindama, grabbed a brace of his own and salvaged a point for Les Rouches. It’s weird how Standard aren’t totally awful if they don’t want to be. Entertaining, committed, passionate, superb. I was gutted I was working throughout yesterday because this will be memorable for the fans and with six goals! That’s why I love Belgian football because of the unpredictability, especially this season, is amazing.

Which brings me on to Oostende-Lokeren where the visitors bagged three goals of their own. Fans seemed to be upset on social media with how things were going at the Daknam, but the Tricolores didn’t disappoint! They’ve taken down Zulte Waregem and Antwerp in their own backyard, why not KV Oostende? What’s gutting for me is that Robin Söder grabbed the winner last night instead of the other day when I wrote about him! In winning, Lokeren leap frogged their hapless hosts and climbed nine points further from the relegation spot, moving closer to sixth spot in the process. Such a tight league, Lokeren could miraculously grab sixth from thirteenth place.

It’s unlikely, but definitely not impossible as Oostende’s season is a complete write off! Dreadful from their opening day defeat to Mouscron to now. The summer will be a rebuilding job from ownership, to management and players. It’s like knocking down a house and rebuilding, hoping the foundations are solid enough.

Another week done and dusted with, again, just one of the top 5 winning a match. Fair enough, Antwerp played another top 6 competitor, but nobody is taking points off each other up there, except for Gent. Mechelen and Oostende down the other end aren’t looking great either. Eighteen points left to play for in the regular season, a big hitter isn’t going down are they…?

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How Peculiar…

I was of course keeping across the goings on in the Pro League last night and on Friday, and I would never have said four draws on the Saturday. I mean come on! Yeah, okay, there were three very tight matches you may have felt were cagey, evenly matched, but you would’ve tipped somebody to win each and have a good case for it too. But alas, four draws out of five and an away win, you can’t say Belgium isn’t unpredictable this season, not that anybody has.

As the matches this calendar year have been entertaining, I don’t know what to make of Charleroi. Other than beating Mouscron, their season is petering out and they’re steadily declining. If Anderlecht win they’ll overtake them and then who knows? Could they fall further? Antwerp were lucky though as they went down to 9 men and tiredness could’ve been a factor. Taking the lead, it’s a shame for them they couldn’t hold on. They’ve managed three successive draws and could technically be four points better off, but the fact is they’re fourth and are still having an incredible season, but it could be better.

The Limburgse Derby ended all square as Phillipe Clement is still waiting for his first home win. De Smurfen even took the lead, and I’m sure Yohan Boli was extremely pleased he salvaged a point for STVV. Not that it would’ve been the end of the world, Sint-Truiden have managed to hold on to 6th (some how) and they’re getting some luck in that all those around them just aren’t capitalising on dropped points. Genk will know they’ve missed a golden opportunity to overtake their nearest and dearest, and will need to stay focused throughout their matches to seal an unconvincing sixth place.

Then there’s the game of the night in a topsy turvy match between Beveren and Zulte Waregem. The hosts took the lead, for the visitors to overturn it and then get pegged back. Two 2-2’s in a row for Beveren, these two are proving to be entertaining week in week out in 2018 and either could also sneak into sixth. Francky Dury has done outstanding work in Spain regrouping the players and turning that dreadful form on its head, and you have Sven Vermant come in and just take over in a good way, proving that management was his destiny. Superb job from the pair of them because if you’re going to win, win well, and if you’re not, then go down fighting and a draw is next best. Fantastic from W-B and Essevee.

Kortrijk surprises me as they drew 0-0 with Eupen at home. Eupen are pretty solid now. Makélélé saving them could be his biggest accomplishment in football? Over the top? I don’t know, but all he can do is coach, he can’t physically do anything to change a result and drawing at the Guldensporen is a huge achievement right now. De Kerels may feel disappointment but there’ll be better evenings for sure where the luck will go their way. For their sake, that luck will come in the Croky Cup.

Lastly, Dennis Van Wijk couldn’t work any magic as Mechelen slump to another defeat. Mouscron bounced back and did so in style winning 2-0 at the AFAS. A goal either side of the half helped Rednic’s men see off De Kakkers and relegation is a real possibility. What if the draw Eupen gained last night proved to be the point that guarantees survival in March? Worrying really. Everyone almost wants Eupen to go down because of the size and history of Mechelen. I obviously don’t have any loyalties with either, but I love a good comeback story and Eupen are fighting their way out of this battle and could even drag Lokeren into it if they’re not careful.

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Player Profile: Joseph Aidoo

This weekend there happens to be a plethora of top quality matches in the Pro League. I was spoilt for choice. I also considered doing a more unfashionable match. But no, the Limburges Derby drew me in, mainly because one young talent has had a steady season in Belgium since coming over from Sweden and has performed exceptionally well, occasionally in attack as well.

Joseph Aidoo had to wait patiently before being trusted by Albert Stuivenberg originally. Playing just one minute of the first seven matches, maybe the Dutchman felt it was time to play him, seeing as out of those first seven, results weren’t going De Smurfen’s way. Aidoo then went on to play every minute thereafter for Stuivenberg, including five consecutive clean sheets, with three of those matches against Zulte Waregem, Club Brugge and Anderlecht, with the Ghanaian scoring the winner in a 1-0 win in Brussels.

That’s extremely good as goals are always on offer in the Pro League, and with the form Genk have been in this season, five consecutive shut outs is extremely impressive. What has also helped him out is having Omar Colley beside him, who kind of took the same route from the Allsvenskan to Genk, and having the experience of Daniel Vukovic behind him, also in his maiden season in Belgium, would’ve helped in that if you have confidence in your goalkeeper, you’ll feel more confident too.

This weekend it’ll be hostile, loud and passionate at the Luminus Arena when Sint-Truiden come to town. Aidoo was on the bench when Genk lost at the Stayen, so he’ll most likely get his first experience of the derby tomorrow. Coming up against the likes of Boli and Vetokele, it certainly won’t be easy. De Kanaries picked up their first win in the league in eleven matches last time out, so confidence is slowly coming back for STVV, and what a shot in the arm it’d be turning over your rivals away now that Sint-Truiden are back in the top 6.

That’s what makes this game even better because Genk could sneak in the Championship Playoffs with a vital win. With emotions high, one of Aidoo’s negative points is his ability to get a yellow card. He has picked up six this season, with five in his last four matches, picking up a red in the process against Kortrijk which aided in the late defeat against De Kerels. Discipline is key when defending. It’s okay picking up a cheap one to stop an attack, but too early and it could prove costly in the end. That’ll come with experience for Aidoo as he’ll continue to grow and develop mentally at Genk (hopefully).

At the end of the day, concentration is the most key aspect to defending. As long as you communicate and do your job, then you surely can’t make a mistake. The power and strength Aidoo possesses will help him out, but to not react or get too flustered will be important in a match of this magnitude. A set piece could be the winner here, and with Pozuelo’s ability, he could well pick out the Ghanaian centre back.

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What a Weekend!

After the closer than expected match between Club Brugge and Oostende, my attention turned to tonight and the rest of the weekend. I actually wrote this two hours and between that sentence and this sentence, I just watched the film ‘Get Out’ and it’s one of the freakiest things I’ve seen. Great film in truth. I highly recommend!

Anyway…apologies, I didn’t notice the fixtures until I was doing an accumulator and before my very eyes there’s Charleroi-Antwerp, Beveren-Zulte Waregem, the Limburges derby, Gent-Club Brugge and Standard-Anderlecht. Five fantastic matches because of the way this season has gone and there are some doozies! It’s tough to call a winner in any of them frankly and to be honest, I feel that talking about them would be a disservice.

Charleroi, again get the earliest of the kick offs, as Antwerp continues this run of horrible fixtures for The Great Old where they could be two points better off right now. Two recent draws haven’t helped when they could’ve beaten the leaders. Although they did better than losing to the then bottom club on Wednesday. Beveren vs Zulte is only big because of the achievements Beveren have made this season with fine performances. Essevee will be out for revenge after the unexpected 5-2 home loss at the Regenboogstadion and Thelin bagging four goals. Vermant has settled quicker than snow at W-B and will hope his run continues.

You then have Phillipe Clement’s first taste of the Limburg derby. Could he get his first home win in charge of Genk? I would say yes if I’m honest, mainly because Genk have their own wrong to right as well after STVV turned them over at the Stayen, and Genk have the mental edge in this derby. The game at the Ghelamco is the match of the weekend because Gent are decent.

Always progressing under Vanderhaeghe and personally, Blauw-Zwart are due a defeat, not that things work like that. I just think the Buffalos will be up for this. And lastly, a red hot affair between Les Rouches and Les Mauves. I know I said any of these 10 teams could win and then I’ve predicted results, but I’m so unsure, every week, about Liège. With Edmilson Jr out because of suspension, he won’t have the chance to audition in front of potential new suitors…both had disappointing midweek results.

Every league has top fixtures every week, but to have five this weekend, you’re all spoilt over there in Belgium, spoilt I tells ya! Without forgetting tonight, I guess I’ll move on with the duff fixtures with Mechelen, under their new boss, hosting a lacklustre Mouscron who have switched off if you ask me. Bottom side Mechelen will hope to put pressure on Eupen, kicking off first, but Mouscron will want to show some professional pride surely. They were woeful against Kortrijk.

And how convenient as Kortrijk host Eupen. Very nice. I’d be worried if I were an Eupen fan, but then again they put one over on Charleroi and will have huge confidence off of the back of that. I’ll still say a home win all day, but it may not be easier than you think. And lastly, Oostende-Lokeren see us out. Tricolores fans seem to have had enough, reading an open letter yesterday which was from the heart. If your goal in life is to be 15th and above, I’d rather support a local team. Football is about dreaming as a fan and Oostende dreamt briefly last season with a great campaign. Lokeren want that too and maybe a win at the Versluys Arena could help, but the tight loss at the Jan Breydel will also help De Kustboys with some confidence.

A bumper weekend of terrific matches, I could sack the family off and tune in all day, but life gets in the way sometimes. Stupendous stuff.

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Why Belgian Football?

I was asked by @Chief_Barefoot on Twitter the simple question of ‘Why write about Belgian football?’ And to be honest, I don’t know. Why write in the first place? Well originally I was going to write about the club I support. I was going to write about Arsenal. Supported them since I was 4, have had a season ticket since the Emirates opened, go home and away and I’ve had enough of the way my club is run.

However, there are so many bloggers who write about Arsenal and of course we have the famous ArsenalFanTV, there isn’t a point of reading more input about this dysfunctional club. So, out of nowhere, I picked a niche topic, especially in England, and decided to write about Belgian football. It’s weird because I loved Holland and Amsterdam as a child because of Dennis Bergkamp, but punted for Belgian football out of nowhere.

I’ve always loved foreign football. In England we always had Italian football on terrestrial telly because of Paul Gascoigne going to Lazio and from then I loved Italian football. I’ve always supported Roma in Serie A because of Francesco Totti and loved the team with Tardei, Mancini and Perrotta. My mum, who I have always gone to football with, preferred Juventus because of Del Piero. Now La Liga is constantly on but I’ve never loved Spanish football.

I followed Belgian football because of, well like I said, I love European football, but I never really cared. It was always just Anderlecht here because Manchester United seemed to draw them regularly in the Champions League. The time I took more notice was when I went to Brussels, which was my second trip to Belgium (my first being a school football trip to Ostend for a week) and I went to Anderlecht 1-2 Arsenal, with Lukas Podolski scoring a last minute winner. The 3-3 return match was tough, and embarrassing if I’m honest. But over the years, and I think I’ve mentioned this, I have seen Standard Liège at Arsenal, we also had a link with Waasland-Beveren when we signed Eboue and when Chuks Aneke joined Zulte Waregem, I checked up on them occasionally.

But what lured me in was when I went to Bruges one weekend with a mate and luckily, it was Cercle vs Club Brugge. We were desperate for tickets thinking it’d be a sell out and…we were obviously wrong. I wanted Cercle to win because I always want the underdog to do well, but a 3-0 win for the Blauw-Zwart happened and I loved Lior Refaelov. I wasn’t keen on Ruud Vormer but he has changed my mind this season. I then cared more about the Jupiler Pro League.

To watch it in England is impossible until this season (thankfully) and I was even considering learning Dutch. My French is average and if I’m honest, my Spanish is decent, but Dutch…anyway, I have been in and out of writing this, because, well, could I be bothered? Finding news was tough for me and everything I wrote was an opinion piece. Even every time I go to interview a player I almost bottle it and consider going on a piss up! But since my interview with Aleksandar Boljevic, I’ve fallen in love with writing this again and am dying to write. Sometimes I don’t because of tiredness rather than laziness. But I’m hoping this will expand and I’m really grateful to everyone who has ever read a word of what I’ve written. My dream was to be a footballer, and I was extremely close. Then it was estate agent, which I was and hated. Then it was journalist, which I studied and was bored to death. So blogging instead, and thankfully, football never sleeps, so with my enthusiasm as it is, hopefully I’ll continue for as long as you’ll all read!

Thank you

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All the fun of the Fair

When you go to the funfair, there’s this big ride with horses and carriages, lights and music where children and adults absolutely love it! On there now and again, there’ll be a manager taking a leap onto it as it’s spinning, because sometimes there’s no room once you come off. That’s been proved this season as the 11th managerial change happened yesterday in the Jupiler Pro League, the second change at the AFAS!

Aleksandar Jankovic was given his marching orders to be immediately replaced by Dennis Van Wijk. Yes, that Van Wijk who has had more clubs than Jack Nicklaus. Managing most recently in the second tier, he has been given the opportunity to be the saviour of Mechelen in what could be, well it is, a season to forget. The question I can ask now is why sack Yannick Ferrera? There was a mini revival initially, but what if the young manager were given time? Instead De Kakkers are in a situation where they have a manager who has had 19 jobs in 24 years of management. Don’t know if that says more about Van Wijk or the clubs?

The last change was Vermant coming in at Beveren, which has looked promising so far, and before that it was Clement to Genk. That got me thinking. Why haven’t Mechelen thought a bit more outside of the box? Fans may say this isn’t a time to experiment, but Beveren looked to have had success now and before. People in England say managers get recycled like Hughes, Alladyce, Moyes, Pulis and Pardew. The same can be said for Belgium. Some of the managers have been around the block more than once, successfully or otherwise, like De Boeck, Maes, Bölöni and Rednic.

Three of those mentioned have taken their seats at their respective clubs at the start or during this season. Some managers have been sacked hastily in Kristinsson, Márquez, Condom and Weiler in my opinion, and some have deserved it like Anastasiou, Vanderhaeghe, Vanhaezebrouck and the aforementioned Ferrera at the point he was relieved of his duties. The thing is there’s only one relegation place and every league place isn’t exactly a million euros loss in money.

I don’t know anymore. I’m only 28 so sackings have always been inevitable in my lifetime. But 11 in a season of changes is remarkable. I’m still waiting for Sa Pinto to get tinned…there’s still time.

The full list it:

Sint-Truiden – Tintín Márquez.

Lokeren – Runar Kristinsson

Anderlecht – Rene Weiler

Oostende – Yves Vanderhaeghe

Gent – Hein Vanhaezebrouck

Mechelen – Yannick Ferrera

Eupen – Jordi Condom

Kortrijk – Yannis Anastasiou

Genk – Albert Stuivenberg

Beveren – Phillipe Clement

Mechelen – Aleksandar Jankovic

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Dropped Points and Vital Wins

What a night in the Pro League last night. Of course a night I missed due to work commitments and I’m absolutely gutted. Nobody (yet) in the top 5 has won a match! Such an extraordinary night and one full of drama. This is why I love the Pro League!

And where to start? Of course at the Vanden Stock where Beveren came to play. Taking the lead twice, Anderlecht could’ve had egg on their face if it wasn’t for Kenny Saief. What’s even better is that Thelin could’ve in fact been the curator of their downfall. Sven Vermant may be the blessing those down the Freethiel wanted. Amazing start to his senior management career, he unfortunately won’t last long before getting snapped up.

These are matches that Les Mauves should be coasting, regardless of how well Beveren have been overall this season. There were positives, like Teodorczyk scoring, Saief scoring, Amazu playing. But the result isn’t good enough. For Beveren, that front 4 is one of the deadliest in the league. It is a real shame at least 50% won’t be there come next season. I guess it’s enjoy whilst you still can!

Then we have to go to the Kehrweg. I gave Eupen no chance, but a classic 1-0 win! If the Pandas had more of them they’d have been safe ages ago. I was talking to a Mechelen fan last night and for me the pendulum has swung Eupen’s way in the survival stakes. An own goal was what did for Les Zébres. A mix bag start to the calendar year. Out of the cup, slipping in the league. Is this the beginning of the end for Mazzu’s men after an amazing season so far? Makélélé has brought battling qualities with him to East Belgium and a more stubborn back line too. Can Eupen really relegate Mechelen…? I think they can.

Hmmm…Bosuilstadion? Yeah why not. Honours even in a match where I predicted a draw. Safest option for Gent, who took the lead against Antwerp, probably still pissed off from Sunday. Because it was 1-1 by halftime I genuinely thought there maybe more goals in this, but 1-1 it ended which isn’t terrible of course, but with STVV winning yesterday, they can definitely be caught now by De Kanaries. At the end of the day, Gent may have taken a point beforehand, and Antwerp have taken 4 points overall off of Gent which is fantastic.

Lastly, Genk hung on to win 2-1 at Lokeren. Disappointing Lokeren who need to perk things up around the Daknam. Clement finally registered his first win over Maes this season with 19 year old Dante Vanzeir being the hero. All the goals coming in the second half, Genk are looking better away than at home under Clement. The Tricolores weren’t doing too bad before the winter break and need to get back to basics and even take a few draws if they can’t win. They’ll always be the underdogs who can surprise anyone, but points on the board to certainly guarantee survival for another season is the main concern right now.

Eupen, Genk and Beveren will be flying tonight with great results, especially the former and latter of those three, but Charleroi and Anderlecht will need to re-evaluate and do what they’re best at…winning.

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Essevee Leave it Late as STVV & KVK Cruise

Last night there were three fantastic matches. In England Zulte Waregem vs Standard was live on TV and I was watching Mouscron vs Kortrijk on my tablet too. If I’m honest, both first halves weren’t the greatest. Sint-Truiden were also playing Mechelen.

What we learned from last night could be summed up quite simply. But for the sake of this I’ll try and expand on it. From the games I watched, Zulte Waregem are showing that fighting spirit. It’s like Space Jam when all they have is water at halftime. They had the quality all along and proved it against Les Rouches. It’s like a cake mixture. Start with good goalkeeping. Add a pinch of luck with the deflected goal and another red card for Standard, and finish with the desire and quality to fight to the end, a quality cross with a great headed goal and you get that win. To be honest, Standard’s goal was really good too, but Zulte perhaps edged it overall.

This ill discipline isn’t doing Standard Liège any favours. Late reds equal late defeats and it’s a mentality thing for me and it stems from the manager. Sa Pinto is a loose cannon and that’s translated on to the pitch. I would’ve said he’d be the next manager to go…

If it wasn’t for Janković at Mechelen. Ferrera looked on as Mechelen slumped to another defeat. Six 2-0 defeats for Mechelen this season. Atrocious really. I’m not saying they’d be fighting for the title, but did think top six. Instead, it’s STVV who have snuck back in there with a fine win at the Stayen. That’s now 24 points gained at home which shows how important gaining points in your own back yard is. Not just for survival, but now the playoffs. I’d be so disillusioned if I were a Mechelen fan. That match against Eupen is looking more vital by the week!

Lastly Kortrijk had a bit of a second half demolition job on Mouscron. Kaminski looked to have a comfortable night and should’ve been charged in the second half to watch that match as he hardly dirtied his gloves. It helped when Chevalier looked in the mood and Ouali performed outstandingly too. Glen De Boeck has been a revelation. Rednic needs to go back to the drawing board and get back to basics. Be more clinical. They’ve coasted recently and are shipping goals. They’ve maintained their top flight status which is a big achievement, but I’m sure the fans were dreaming at one point. Just don’t get too complacent.

So another wonderful night with 8 goals. Keep them coming!!!