In this section, it’s me explaining why on earth I’ve decided to write about Belgian football.

Well…I enjoy writing even if it just for myself. If I don’t enjoy doing it I would never have started initially.

If I’m going to write about anything, it would be football. I love football. I played to a decent standard and used to anyway, watch football religiously. It is a passion more than a past time. I think above all else, football can be anything to anyone. It dictates their life, behaviour, beliefs simply by who you support. The club is the religion you believe. The stadium is your church. The fans are the club’s disciples and the players are the Gods.

Finally, I enjoy Belgium. What isn’t there to enjoy? The food. The drink. The architecture. The fact English is probably as widely spoken as Dutch. And when you mix all these ingredients, you make a waffle…or on this case…What A Load Of Waffle!