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I thought it was on!

After 4 o’clock English time yesterday, I had seen an unbelievable result in Playoff 1 that didn’t exactly surprise me. Fair enough I predicted a draw, but I couldn’t see an Anderlecht win. Standard Liège have been the best team in these playoffs with 19 points and you feel confident they’ll dig in til the end and break with pace and power. It helps when you have Mehdi Carcela and Edmilson Jr in attack, pulling the strings.

They’re entertaining and just exciting. Without this turning sour, I still disagree with the playoffs and I do feel Club Brugge deserve the title over a 38 game season that has already been played. But an unprecedented double isn’t beyond the realms of possibility. The way Les Rouches broke and then took advantage instead of wasting these chances. If we compare it to England, Anderlecht’s non existent defence was like Arsenal and the clinical quality and pace of Standard reminded me of Liverpool. I’ve commented before saying could Emond get a World Cup call up? Maybe not a start ahead of Lukaku etc, but he is a match winner and a goal scorer. The great John Chapman tweeted that Edmilson could get a call up too. And why not? You, and we of course, have Panama and Tunisia. You telling me those two couldn’t have an influence against them in Russia?

I’ve digressed. With Standard vs Brugge this weekend, it really is a cup final for Standard and nothing less than a win will do! It’ll be so tense and pressurised. With that said, Brugge need a win too. If Anderlecht decide to win and by a big margin, and Brugge draw, its not impossible for Les Mauves to overtake them on the last day. It’s highly unlikely, but Ivan Leko would surely love a win regardless of any other permutations. A big win yesterday evening and when Vormer and Vanaken turn up, its always going to be tough for Pro League opposition. That’s 19 goals in five matches against Charleroi for Brugge which is ridiculous. Nearly four a match?!? Fucking disgrace! How can Mazzu not learn? And speaking of World Cup selection, what about Vanaken…? Am I deluded?

It now makes fourth spot even more exciting because Gent and Genk don’t want to take advantage either for that Europa League playoff spot. Personally I’d like Gent to get it because I think they’ll fair better. I’m not saying I want them in Europe ahead of Zulte Waregem or Lokeren/Antwerp/STVV. I’m saying I want them to try and get fourth.

Going back to Wednesday slightly. A superb away win for Lokeren really has put them in pole position for that match against Essevee. I thought the late Antwerp defeat may have ruined everything, but Peter Maes rallied the team to get a fine away win. With a good victory this weekend, they’ll be hoping STVV nick a win for their sake, or a draw and guarantee themselves as winners of PO2B. Never even looked at Lokeren to finish top. Thought it was only between Antwerp and Sint-Truiden. Maybe there’s still life in this unpredictable season…

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Unlucky No. 13

Last night there was a match where I was feeling a lot of pain if I’m honest. I felt like John Coffey in The Green Mile when Eduard Delacroix was getting executed, rocking on a bed in agony. Unfortunately I didn’t have Mr Jingles to look after and then scurry away as light bulbs burst around me!

Too much?

Anyway, it was heartless and professional from Zulte Waregem. Francky Dury said he wanted the job done last night and that’s what he did. He masterfully carried out two jobs. The demolition of Beveren and the sacking of Sven Vermant. To be 5-0 up at halftime was a signal of their intentions. I said to someone on Twitter, couldn’t Essevee have taken it easy? Reminded me of Germany vs Brazil in the 2014 World Cup semis where they took their foot off the gas. Zulte just didn’t and it was nearly even 9-0!

The feeling I have regarding Waasland-Beveren is that the players loved and admired Phillipe Clement so much, that Vermant seemed like a rebound to a girlfriend you loved so much, but you couldn’t help but adore the woman who left you. Boljevic and Ampomah both said they’d run through walls for Clement. I’m not questioning their professionalism at all, honestly, but when I tweeted that I though Vermant would get sacked this morning, a Beveren fan suggested that the players wanted that.

I just feel so bad for WBE fans that I haven’t given enough credit to Zulte Waregem who have done the double over Kortrijk, won seven out of eight, scored 28 goals and could now have the Taureau d’Or. They have been a class above defensively and in attack. It all goes down to recruitment and Harbaoui has been outstanding. Whoever they face in both finals to get into Europe will be difficult for the opposition. They’re incredibly confident and Dury can even have the benefit of resting players too if he really wants. Everyone accuses me of being a Kortrijk fan, when I’m simply an Arsenal fan who loves Belgian football, so for all of those who say that, you can’t say I’m not purring over how good Essevee have been.

I wonder what’s next for Beveren though? Is there a manager they could hire now or just wait? Could a Yannick Ferrera come in or is there another youth coach somewhere who’d get another chance? The club is in disarray with the quality who have left or are going, and they need to keep as many quality players as they can, whilst scouring places for hidden gems again or getting quality loan signings too.

A tale of two playoff campaigns here…

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What’s going on?!?

A weekend of Belgian football that I kept abreast of without really commenting, it’s taken another twist in two of the groups, but mainly in Playoff 1. In a league system which I totally disagree with, and a nation of football fans where 50-100% hate VAR and the awful decisions not being given, it’s what’s causing concern, unrest and, well, it’s pathetic how it’s costing points, and in the process, costing success and eventually and possibly, jobs, even though the technology is there.

Gent and Club Brugge fans have been most vocal as Anderlecht and Standard are benefiting. That is unkind to those two teams ‘benefiting’ but those two have come into a one horse race and could steal a title from Brugge. It’s not a campaign from me to say these should win and these shouldn’t, but without sounding like a broken record, this stinks. You still have to play, create chances, create your own luck and not make mistakes. It’s not solely down to referees. Without players doing certain things, referees would never have a decision to make. But when you have the technology and you have to do what you’re paid to do, then at least get it right.

Going to the results and what they mean, Standard Liège are irresistible right now and Mehdi Carcela is just a dream of a player. Majestic, mystical and magical really. With quality around him as well, they destroyed Genk in a group where I just don’t know why they’re there now. I had more hope for De Smurfen than to just get your tummy tickled some weeks. I’m sure Clement didn’t accept that performance at all and the result is embarrassing frankly. That’s not taking away from Standard though. They’ve been THE team of 2018 so far!

And to the BIG match of the weekend, have Club Brugge bottled it or…? Who do you blame? It can’t just be VAR. Is it Leko? The players? The club not properly strengthening in January when Anderlecht are signing Morioka, Saief and Markovic and Brugge are signing a hapless 34 year old Russian goalkeeper and youngsters. Ruud Vormer has come off the boil and Hans Vanaken can’t always do everything. Like I’ve said, I disagree with the playoffs and it’ll leave a sour taste in my mouth if Anderlecht snatch the title, but other people who look on the surface will most likely criticise Blauw-Zwart rather than the layout of how this league is setup. I’m not saying I’m right, it’s my opinion, but that’s just how I feel.

Other than De Derby between Kortrijk and Zulte Waregem, where I’ve heard from a very good Essevee fan, Zulte Waregem battled very well and put on a good defensively display to see off De Kerels. Without being too unfair, it may be an inferiority complex. That is harsh, but teams have that in derby situations. When Essevee have had the lions share of joy over the recent past, I thought Kortrijk would win this because they’re at home, but a 2-1 defeat, it basically ended their hope of European football, strengthening Zulte Waregem’s belief of reaching that playoff match.

The big match in PO2B saw Lokeren lose their first match in these playoffs and bring Antwerp just that bit closer to overtaking them. It’s not unlikely that they won’t, but you’d think maybe Lokeren have the tougher run with STVV and Oostende away to come, even though the Tricolores are better away. I just feel Antwerp may sneak it and contest a huge match against Zulte. What if STVV managed to get that win against Eupen that I thought would happen, this group would be finely poised with STVV, Lokeren and Antwerp all have a mini tri-series.

I guess the other big news on the pitch is Beveren finally winning their first playoff match, with Floriano Vanzo scoring a belter in the process and Isaac Kiese Thelin reminding people he is still in this fight for the Taureau d’Or. Fighting back late to beat Mouscron would’ve been satisfying for Vermant who probably forgot what a victory looked like. Entertaining at the Freethiel.

Ending this, its devastating how Lierse are having to look at different avenues to stay afloat. That this can happen, it’s obviously not the club or players I feel for, but the fans. The fans don’t deserve things like this and that it happens quite a lot in Belgium, I don’t know what I’d do if the club I love had to restart or merge, and in Lierse’s case, lose 112 years of history. It’s disastrous.

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Big matches as things hot up (pt 2)

After I broke down into an emotional wreck during a blog yesterday, I’ve settled down and thought I’d write a soliloquy of the goings on right now in Playoff 2. I could write about Playoff 1 but I covered some of that yesterday, and I’m not interested in Genk and Charleroi (right now).

The groups below Playoff 1 are beginning to have a different look. After last nights fine victory over Kortrijk, Zulte Waregem have put some daylight between themselves and De Kerels, possibly their closest rival for topping the group, let alone geographically. This could open the door to Mouscron if they decide to take advantage. They started well but have slightly faded away, even though we have only played four matches. Traveling to OHL will be tricky. Points wise and positionally they are the best of the second tier clubs. You’d think Mouscron will do well though because they can surprise.

Playoff 2B is looking great for the neutral who cares. Four teams separated by four points. It’s great. What’s better is that Lokeren are top and I never expected that. Antwerp? Yes. STVV? Yes. Even Oostende? Yes. They were all above Lokeren in my head. Like I’ve said, Lokeren are great away, but they’ve turned their home form around and could be even further ahead. What is positive for the group is that Antwerp and Sint Truiden are battling as well. They both tailed off in the regular season and now, it looks like the Antwerp players are putting themselves in the shop window.

STVV could be the beneficiary of this weekends action because Antwerp host Lokeren and if that ends in a draw, they’ll overtake everyone. De Roeck will hope to do well so he can maybe get another job this summer after announcing he is leaving. I’m not going to talk about Oostende just yet because they’re not totally in there just yet, and I’d be wasting my time discussing Eupen and Beerschot.

Two groups which are close in their own way, but one is taking shape a bit more than the other. It is starting to look better in the Playoffs below PO1 because Brugge are beginning to get their act together and could well win this title that we all expected them too.

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Mixed opinion

Midweek matches in Belgium which I always enjoy, mainly because I have more of an opportunity to watch them rather than at the weekend. A lot of things to take into account, mainly at the thick end of the table, because I have always been a bit of a prick when it comes to match timings. Even though I absolutely hate Tottenham, and I have been said to say some disgusting things, when they ‘battled’ Leicester for the title a couple of seasons ago, Leicester always played first, putting Spurs on the back foot. However, in Belgium Club Brugge always play on a Sunday which seems to have helped them as they can see what they need to do when it boils down to it. Once again, the leaders play last, obviously knowing they need a win, but depending on how other results go, it may not be a necessity.

Playing at a certain time suits players physically and mentally and gives them an advantage? I don’t think I’m wrong though. Not saying I’m right, but the players can prefer this. I always liked a Saturday 3pm kick off when I played. But if I had a 7:45pm I’d hate the travel and everything around it. I don’t know why. Looking at things, Charleroi right now may not like a Friday night match as they’ve fallen away. I’ll move on from this, but right now, I have sympathy for Brugge as well, IF they don’t win the league. Every other fan must love how there is now a competitive look to this one horse race of a season, but it’s clear Brugge have been the cream of the crop and if anyone pips them, I just feel it’s undeserved.

Yes there are rules. No, nobody wants to see a one horse race, but if a team has been consistently good and has warranted themselves as champions I feel uncomfortable if they don’t get what they should get. I don’t agree with playoffs. I like how people do though. They’re as committed to their beliefs as I am to mine. Belgium isn’t like most leagues though. There are numerous teams where if they get their act together they can win the league. This isn’t a Scotland or Germany or France where really, one team wins regularly.

I’ll shut up now about that. Playoff 2 looks better by the match day though. Because of the determination to either continue the good work teams were doing…making….? Erm…teams are either proving a point, rescuing a season or carrying on their momentum. Kortrijk maybe should’ve gotten sixth, even though Standard did put a run together this year, and I still think if Mouscron get flack for alleged…you know, then why can’t Oostende? And Zulte Waregem have continued nicely too. But it’s PO2B that I’m liking as Lokeren look to extend their lead at the top. It’s great. The surprise package who I thought were just hoping to do well and finish 15th and above next season, could, although unlikely, get a European birth!

You can’t rule any team out cause complacency will prove costly. I honestly don’t care who gets into Europe, as long as they perform better than the shower who showed up (or rather didn’t show up) this season. And furthermore, the JPL is looking better than the Eredivisie which is satisfying, although a trend in England this season is that people are liking Turkish football and Portuguese. I don’t know why, but then again I’m biased!

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We have a title race

I know right. It’s taken until the playoffs and the 2018 capitulation has begun at Club Brugge. There is just three points in it now, and in a way, Blauw-Zwart are fortunate that Asare hung out a leg to trip Edmilson Jr on Saturday, otherwise they’d have two teams breathing down their neck! They still do really but Anderlecht could miraculously have a very good season from the pitiful effort they threw up in August, September, October…

I don’t know who to question at the Jan Breydel? The manager or the players? Leko is inexperienced as a coach and his player recruitment hasn’t been amazing. I’m jumping the gun here but Brugge have to rekindle their form that made them so irresistible this season. There are obviously three other teams in this group, but one is guaranteed European football and are playing without the handbrake on, in a good way, with Genk and Charleroi tussling for fourth. It is a fascinating look on how the remainder of the season will go right now at the top, but the way the playoffs are also panning out below them, it is getting more and more interesting.

You have three points separating four teams in Playoff 2A, and OHL are the good surprise in this. Whether or not they can sneak in somewhere is yet to be seen, but they’re proving that they are good and maybe could compete in the top flight, if and when they get there. Kortrijk and Zulte Waregem still look most likely to progress, with Hamdi Harbaoui scoring 4 against Mouscron in a five star performance. Thankfully there’s no runaway leader in either group to just make the end of the season a non event. Still have sympathy for Beveren though. They’ve charmed us this season with fantastic performances and individual quality. The playoffs have been a terrible thing for them. Nana Opoku Ampomah said they’re not just playing for the sake of it, but judging by results, that’s exactly what they’re doing unfortunately.

And now to Playoff 2B where Lokeren have been superb. It’s as if Peter Maes has targeted this all along. They’re finally winning home games and we all know how dangerous and stubborn they are away. They embarrassed Eupen with a wonderful goal by Jose Cevallos from his own half! Yet again I question Van Crombrugge though. Thinks his better than Eupen? Maybe, but not good enough for the top six. Not yet anyway. Antwerp also have the bragging rights in the derby too, with William Owusu, who looks to be leaving the club, becoming the hero. Antwerp’s squad looks to be getting pulled apart slightly, either through loan deals ending or permanent deals coming in. It’s a worry for the Great Old to rebuild if this happens because they’ll just get the players the top clubs don’t want, which isn’t always great quality.

The game which ended our weekend was at Oostende where they threw away a 2-0 lead against an improving STVV. De Kanaries fell away just like Antwerp at the end of the regular season and may have found their second wind in such a tight group. I can’t see Lokeren maintaining their position, but then again, I can’t choose who’ll actually finish top!

Matches this week and weekend could really sort things out in these groups. With Brugge playing last, they’ll see exactly what they’ll need to do. Obviously win, but if they definitely need one, the intensity will be better rather than maybe a more sluggish display. This’ll be fun, and hopefully crammed with goals too!!!

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Why aren’t I bothered?

I’ve been ill this week. I have ached all over, headaches, all of that. It’s like my annual flu but not flu, if that makes sense? Last year I had it when I interviewed Jordan Mustoe, who is now in Finland, if anyone wanted to know? I haven’t quite got writers block. I’ve just totally lost interest in the playoffs. I don’t like it. I can’t throw myself in and get passionate about it. I’d rather there were 18 teams in the Pro League and have one 34 game season? Having a good discussion on twitter regarding other things all Belgian football, the thought of a league cup (from me) was mentioned, but drawing an audience wouldn’t be possible…probably.

I can understand why Kortrijk, Zulte Waregem, Antwerp, Oostende, etc will be excited and up for it because it’s the second chance they needed. The top six in Belgium have been very good though, either recently or all season, so to overcome them is an ask. Essevee didn’t really do themselves any favours with that draw and Kortrijk look most likely to not only top 2A, but maybe even beat a Charleroi or Genk in the playoff.

The way the JPL has gone this season, you still can’t rule out anyone though. When you have Lokeren leading 2B, that looks to be the most entertaining because there is more competition. Oostende have only just begun to hit form whereas STVV have fallen by the wayside. But you can’t rule anybody out. When it come to 2A, yes I’ve mentioned everyone’s favourite to top that group (I’m guessing) but a lapse in concentration, an injury, a mistake, anything could disrupt a team’s rhythm. Unfortunately for Beveren, the cherry picking of players and staff has ruined everything for them.

Not that Lierse, Beerschot or OHL would’ve upset any odds, the point of them entering this as well? Yeah the latter two picked up good points last weekend, but when it comes to the crunch, can they dent any ambitions of the top flight clubs? I might be unfair there, which I don’t intend to be, but I’m giving my opinion. Is it shared? There seems to be loads of opinions, all right and all wrong, and to have this setup that nobody else in Europe understands and maybe some in Belgium don’t want. It stands alone. It’s unique, different, cutting edge. Or is it complicated, long winded and giving undeserving teams a second chance? What if Eupen win their next nine games? Should they get Europa League when the stayed up by one goal, not one point.

Like I said last week, I was all for this last season. But when I stand back and take in the full season, a season which had twists and turns, an historic club going down and the table was on its head for a fair while. It was a soap opera for many a month. Maybe the extended break due to the international friendlies is what did me? But we’ve had the season now and we’re just filling in two months. I’ve probably come across miserable or boring. Maybe it’s the delirium from my weak condition right now? Or maybe I’m being soft. Either way, the title looks won and I just think it’s Kortrijk versus anyone for a place to fight for Europe.

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Still not excited

The first round of the playoff fixtures were finally completed and even with 27 goals scored, I can’t get myself up for it. Last season I was excited, but I was naive. I’d just started my blog. But when you’ve gone through an entire season already, with the last day excitement of relegation and who’d get top six, it’s just a bit rubbish, unless both groups begin to get going and there’s a real battle in each group.

The league was basically sewn up yesterday. Brugge have second, third and fourth (Gent, Anderlecht and Charleroi) in their next three games. If they manage to win all of those, which I can’t see, but IF they do, the league should be wrapped up fairly quickly. I’m just happy Lior Rafaelov scored cause I just really like him. Gent didn’t surprise me either. I felt that they’d win on Friday because they are better than Anderlecht right now. It’s a shame their season kicked off once Vanderhaeghe arrived, as they look most likely to get second and have done for a few weeks in my opinion.

Glen De Boeck has continued to do really well, refocusing his players so that they try and get Europa League football. They look likeliest to get the playoff match come May and could actually get it in my opinion. Not that they are guaranteed anything yet, but that 4-1 win over Beveren looked emphatic. It’s just a worry that their players get snapped up if they don’t reach Europe next season, because why leave if you’ve got that competition to look forward to?

I know I haven’t mentioned Mouscron at all, but in 2A, I can’t see them surpassing Kortrijk or Zulte Waregem, and even Beveren if I’m honest. Lierse just didn’t look at their best from the highlights I saw. Full credit to OHL too who came back from adversity twice to get a point. Im not saying it’s down to him, but Nigel Pearson is actually very good. He doesn’t accept anything less than 100%.

Playoff 2B looks more intriguing to me now. Lokeren won their third home match of the season against a poor Sint-Truiden side, who have fallen since the turn of the year. To not beat Lokeren at the Daknam is a bad sign. And then game of the weekend came yesterday at the Bosuilstadion with Antwerp and Oostende drawing 3-3. Oostende have gotten better and better. I’m not accusing anyone though, but how comes Mouscron came into some criticism losing to Eupen, but not really a mention of the second half collapse by De Kustboys against Standard Liège? Not accusing, just curious.

I haven’t mentioned Eupen-Beerschot. Alexander Maes goal was very good with the build up, bested by Edmilson Junior’s brilliant winner against Charleroi. Luis Garcia has to stay at Eupen too right? Unfortunately there are just nine games to go now though and then I’ll be wallowing in sadness until next season. Fuck the World Cup (although I’ll be all over that to be fair).

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Feels like a new season

I don’t know how I totally feel right now about the playoffs returning. Of course I’m thankful because I’ve hated the lack of domestic football. It’s been too long. Now you know why we don’t have a winter break here. However, I’m not a huge fan of playoff football, unless it’s a two legged match going into a final. I’m set in my ways, can’t help it.

It’s also good and bad for the second tier clubs because they play in the playoffs and then lose their best players. We all knew Nicolas Rajsel, Samy Kehli and Manuel Benson would get snapped up in pre season, which is great for them professionally, even if they all rarely played, but it meant Roeselare and Union Saint Gilliose had to scrap and fight, rather than rise and battle for possible promotion. So Lierse will have to be wary again, along with Beerschot and OHL!

Other clubs are fortunate to get a second chance of Europe. I felt sorry for Genk last season who pissed all over everyone in their group, to then lose to Oostende. I can’t see anyone here getting Europa League qualification unfortunately. It’s blunt. But if Genk need the playoff I can see them overcoming the likes of Kortrijk, Zulte Waregem and Antwerp, because right now, they’re edging it with quality. In my mind, the only other option is Charleroi, and even that will be tricky, although possibly more doable as they’re stinking the place out, especially after last night.

For me, the playoffs are for players to also get snapped up to the likes of the top three, Turkish clubs, average French clubs, or if you’re really lucky, your name is Henry Onyekuru. Also gives the fringe players a chance to get some playing time. If four matches pass and you have one point, then give academy and fringe players that opportunity to show their stuff and may give you a headache next season. I don’t expect the ‘bigger’ clubs to do this, as you may still sneak top place if results go their way, but anything can happen and when you have a free hit, take advantage of using your squad.

I don’t know what else to say? This won’t get going til about matchday three when we’ll see either surprises, or the cream rising to the top. Maybe even a surprise. Could Oostende miraculously do it again and get to Europe? Could it be a dream season for Antwerp, Beveren or even…Lokeren? I’ll start to slowly get excited. But for now, I’m just tired. Woke up early when I didn’t need to and watched Man vs Food. Thought I’d write because, let’s face it, Casey Webb is no Adam Richman.

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And that was that

I’m currently typing this at halftime where the action has been pretty fast and furious. Watching Anderlecht-Antwerp because it’s on tv and although it’s been decent, the action looked like it was coming from the Guldensporen where De Kerels are doing exactly what they’re meant to be doing, and Standard Liège are melting under the sun at the Versluys Arena, torn apart twice in the first half where they’re losing 2-0 to Oostende.

You don’t know where to look as goals are flying in regularly at Lokeren and Genk too, but it’s the visitors who are leading at those respective matches. However, at the bottom, Mechelen will be happier right now as they’re currently safe, at the expense of Eupen, where both matches are 0-0. I guess the major positives for both is that they’re not losing with 45 minutes left!

It looks like it’s a shootout between Kortrijk and Antwerp. Antwerp have been all over Anderlecht like a rash, and Matz Sels has done very well, but if Antwerp win or Kortrijk collapse, then The Great Old would’ve squeaked sixth place. It’s been topsy turvy and I’m loving it, but I’m sure it’s nerve racking for these two, and gut wrenching for Mechelen and Eupen at the bottom!

Mechelen snatches an early second half goal! Mera has been the saviour up front (surprisingly) for Mechelen. And at the same time, Standard get a goal back, possibly beginning their comeback. Obviously you’ll all know this but as I’m typing as it’s happening. It’s exciting. Eupen must know they have to score two goals now, and quickly! It’s like I’m tweeting a long blog post.

I would write about STVV-Brugge, Lokeren-Zulte and Genk-Gent but there isn’t much point as those matches only really matter to their fans, although if I were a Lokeren fan, there’s no point today as they’ve been dreadful at home and look likely to NOT win again at the Daknam. Talking of fans, Antwerp keep singing ‘your support is fucking shit’ to Anderlecht. Yeah we get it, they’re shite. Be more creative!

Mechelen are surely safe. Massive second goal, likely condemning Eupen to the second tier. A sigh of relief across Belgium as a nation of football fans looked desperate to wave goodbye to the Pandas from the top flight. I’ve been so into writing this that I’ve hardly watch the And-Ant match, with thirty minutes left.

Standard amazingly grab an equaliser and could do the unthinkable. Huge goal by Djenepo with plenty of time for a winner. Oostende have been great recently but all to play for as Kortrijk are hanging onto sixth by a thread. Unbelievable really because a goal changes everything in Oostende and Brussels.

Brugge take the lead at STVV in a match where my phone didn’t even bother informing me. Does my phone know that I…doesn’t matter…STANDARD HAVE TURNED IT AROUND! Unbelievable. I wrote them off. The unpredictable nature of the Pro League is alive! It’s 3-2 Les Rouches. It’s all kicking off. Eupen grab a goal and Anderlecht get a penalty. Gent double their lead. Anderlecht score through Ganvoula. Brilliant day in Belgium through action and plot twists.

What the fuck! Eupen triple their lead. Tears running down cheeks, dancing in the streets, it’s amazing scenes everywhere. Fucking incredible! And now Anderlecht are down to 9 men! Bad challenge. Had to be red by Trebel. Wouldn’t be surprised if somehow Antwerp make it 3-2 in the 200th minute!!! This has been an incredible ninety minutes in nearly every match in the JPL today. It’s showed who’ll be where, but also professionalism as Charleroi look ragged, Anderlecht have still battled and Zulte Waregem May want to set a marker with another good win, if they keep the score as it is. Even Genk and Gent have done their job with a good match so far as it’s now 2-1 Gent, with Genk grabbing a goal.

Toyokawa May have just sealed safety for Eupen and what a job Makélélé has done. I always get emotional regarding relegation. It’s devastating and to see Mechelen go is a shame. This will be it from me, regardless of what else may happen. I’m genuinely upset for Mechelen, as I would’ve been for Eupen. My actual club has never seen relegation but I’m certain it’s heart breaking…