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Has it Thawed Yet?

The weather here has decided to stay freezing cold, as expected, but the sun is out and the snow has gone. I hate snow now that I’m getting older, and can drive, but when it’s cancelling the football, I hate it even more. What’s lucky for me is that I was genuinely tempted to try and go to Club Brugge vs Charleroi on Wednesday, until I realised it was West Ham vs Arsenal.

But back to Pro League football. Another eight huge matches where the consequences could be big for every club. Of course I don’t know everyone’s targets and some will still be exceeding what they originally targeted back in July. The only problem is if those clubs begin to ‘switch off’ now, even with plenty of time left in the season.

Without being too harsh, I have to pick on Mouscron who continuously let themselves down after their superb early season performances. They host Oostende who’ll be smarting after failing in the Croky Cup this week and will look to bounce back after their mini blip in form. And moving on, Standard host Gent where both had mixed fortunes in the cup this week. Les Rouches progressed whereas De Buffalos were hammered at Kortrijk. The thing is, I feel Gent’s superiority will shine here, even at the Stade Maurice Dufrasne.

These are all leading onto another very nicely as Kortrijk welcome Mechelen. De Kakkers had a week off this week from the Cup whereas Kortrijk looked fantastic. Another 4 at home for Kortrijk? I doubt it, but I do feel a home win is on the cards here for De Kerels. Eupen face STVV in a match where I really believe Claude Makélélé will get his first win. Sint-Truiden, like Mouscron, seem to have hit the buffers, where Eupen look progressively better. The reverse fixture saw the end for Jordi Condom, but I’m sure the Frenchman in charge of the Pandas will have more chances beyond tomorrow.

Lastly on Saturday is a derby where Lokeren picked up their first league win this season. However, I feel Beveren will emerge the victors as they’re plodding along nicely. When you have Lokeren sitting second bottom, another Saturday match for these 2 where they’ve both been average, as I stated this week on a Saturday.

Sunday sees the top 3 play, with one humongous offering. Club Brugge, who’ll be a bit fresher than Anderlecht hoped, in a huge match that could see how far Anderlecht have fallen this season, after last weeks defeat to Charleroi. I honestly can only see a Brugge win. Oozing with confidence with an outstanding attack. I don’t think Les Mauves stand a chance.

Charleroi vs Genk and Zulte Waregem vs Antwerp see us out. I’ve seen many predict a Genk win somehow. Les Zébres look fantastic. The only way I feel Genk will win is if Charleroi don’t turn up. The inevitable sacking of Stuivenberg saw how poor Genk have been and with many saying it could’ve been player power, then shame on those players. Waregem would finally love a league win. Essevee have won 1 match since the end of September. Appalling really, although I do blame Europa League football. But Antwerp have levelled slightly and will hope for anything positive in my opinion. The only other problem for Waregem is that they’ve only gained one point from the Sunday 7pm matches.

With one real major stand out fixture, with 2 other very good offerings on Sunday and the Lokeren-Beveren derby, actually, now I’ve typed this, this weekend looks great. Not forgetting Standard-Gent too! Underestimated league with a plethora of quality and stand out fixtures, no doubt the predictably unpredictable could well occur again.

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Let it Snow ❄️

Poorest title so far. Definitely up there. Anyway, it did snow across Europe, even in the UK. One of the most Northern European places yet it rarely snows here. Anyway, some teams had fun in this weather, and some froze. More reason for why I enjoy the JPL week in week out.

A team who did freeze, although not much snow was seen were Standard on Friday night. Set pieces and poor defending their undoing. Nobody can either say ‘well their manager was in the stand’ blah blah blah because it was his theatrics that made him sit up there.

More teams where it all went horrendously wrong were Oostende, Anderlecht and Mouscron. All disappointing in results as Mouscron fail again, Anderlecht actually became hot heads in the snow, seeing 2 red cards in a disastrous defeat, and Oostende lost a game I really felt they’d just win. No offence to Mechelen but Oostende are always improving and I couldn’t see an away win.

Antwerp turned their form around, no matter how brief, with a vital win and major to the aforementioned Mechelen and of Charleroi who made it look all to easy in their finishing. Charleroi looked like they’re there to stay going into the playoffs next year. You can’t talk badly of Lokeren and Kortrijk who has tough matches against possibly the 2 form teams in Belgium right now as Gent are clicking nicely and Brugge were, well…being Brugge.

However, the one BIG loser was unfortunately Albert Stuivenberg. I said 9 days ago his days were numbered because of the inconsistency and poor performances. I guess the yard stick for any manager is if you can’t beat Eupen…you’re out! Club Brugge drew last week with the Pandas but Leko has other displays to help him out…

Waregem drew as well this weekend away at Sint-Truiden. On paper, a good result. STVV didn’t play Thursday, it was at the Stayen and if you look at the table, there was 5 places between them before kick off. A Bezus red card which I don’t know what for couldn’t help Essevee who were even leading at that point in a 1-1 draw in Limburg.

So a chilling week wrapped up with some quality, some snow, fine performances as well as some poor ones. Next week will be a vital week as we edge closer towards the winter break and I’ll leave you by saying what I tweeted yesterday. If you go by how many days there have been since Antwerp vs Anderlecht on the first day of the season, to last nights STVV vs Zulte Waregem match, a manager is sacked every 15 days in Belgium. With yesterday being the 10th December, who will Father Christmas put a lump of coal in somebody’s stocking on Christmas Day?

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Match Day 18 Already!

Without sounding too much like a broken record, there are some clubs we all fell in love with for the first…I don’t know…3-4 months, even if you didn’t support them. I’m England we all love an underdog story, but I guess that ripples around to every nation, and I bet because of the start that many had this season, the excitement factor went up a couple of notches, believing your club could do more than you thought.

I’ll give you a list. Beveren, Sint-Truiden, Mouscron and Antwerp. In my opinion I felt they’d all be scrapping for survival already. Yet they’ve exceeded my expectations, not that my opinion counts for anything. But, as I have said many times, the cream always rises to the top, and with the finances some clubs have over others in the league, rather than in world football, things usually tend to go back to ‘normality’.

With the four clubs I’ve just mentioned, their form is beginning to dwindle. Looking at the 4 clubs mentioned there, starting with Beveren they have 2 wins in their last 6, with 4 losses. If I only went to 5 matches they would’ve had 1 win in five! Antwerp. One win in six. Lost only one however but 7 points from a possible 24 on offer…Next theres Sint-Truiden who in some ways have a similar record to Antwerp. One win in six losing 2 but only 6 points gained! I’ve left Mouscron til last on purpose. No win in six! In fact, no win in 9 and have only gained 4 points in that awful run of form. What’s ironic is that the above teams have played Mouscron in this run, and Antwerp have them again this weekend.

Beveren have Standard Liège tonight in a match where I honestly can’t call. Les Rouches are certainly getting better but will be without Sa Pinto in the dugout rolling around (I think his ban starts tonight). And STVV host Zulte Waregem who for me are a bit like the Everton of the Pro League. Such hope in pre season. Out of Europe but ending on a high and I say every week will be where their season restarts again. Sint-Truiden are good at home though so it is tricky for Essevee.

I’ll try and rattle through the rest. Let’s look at the improving sides. Anderlecht crashed out of Europe against Celtic and can focus on catching Club Brugge this season. But first they have to catch Charleroi, who travel to Brussels this Sunday. Perfect weekend for Brugge last week in that nobody gained ground on them and their nearest rivals in the league will take points from each other. The lucky thing for Brugge is that they can put pressure on, kicking off 3 and a half hours earlier on the day versus Lokeren, who have had a tough fortnight of fixtures.

Next, Gent host Kortrijk who are currently averaging nearly 4 goals a game at home, but I can’t see an away win, or draw if I’m honest. I’m loving what Vanderhaeghe is doing at the Ghelamco, quietly going about his business and the players are responding superbly. In his 8 matches he has already gained more points than 4 other Pro League clubs, and has as many as his old club Oostende and Zulte Waregem. Just feel Thomas Kaminski will have a busy night tomorrow.

Speaking of De Kustboys, they welcome Mechelen who are improving, with one defeat in their last four. But that doesn’t compare to their hosts who have been improving week by week since late September. Can’t help but go for a home win because of how much better Oostende are performing right now. Lastly, Genk face Eupen and in my predictions, I’ve gone for an away win. Unbelievable right, but Eupen aren’t as gung ho anymore under Makélélé and Genk stink. After the raft of sackings I thought nobody else would be in trouble for a while, but I honestly think Albert Stuivenberg’s days are numbered with such a poor season so far. I wonder what a possible defeat will do for him tomorrow evening…?

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Who Were the Big Winners?

Match day 17 came and went this weekend as the festive season nears ever closer, but who were the big winners and losers? To be honest, I’d say there were more losers than winners as I predicted 5 draws this weekend, and I was close! And not in some games that did draw, if that makes sense…

The top 2 had relatively easy matches on Friday and yesterday. Charleroi were held at home by an ever improving Oostende with 2 fine goals in the match, and Club Brugge were held away at bottom club Eupen, although things may have been a lot worse with 65 minutes on the clock and Brugge being 2-0 down! I can’t help but have sympathy for Claude Makélélé as Ruud Vormer struck the penalty into the top corner, stopping the Frenchman from claiming his first win!

The other draws seemed more predictable in my opinion as I got the results right on Twitter. Mouscron- Sint Truiden has draw written all over it as both are out of form and STVV are clinging onto their top 6 place right now. Mouscron haven’t won since the 23rd September which is more than a worry. Not saying Rednic will go, but that is relegation form, picking up 4 points in just over 2 months!

The other tie involved Standard and Antwerp. Even though Liège knocked Anderlecht out of the cup on Wednesday, I still felt they’d wouldn’t win yesterday. Not because Antwerp are pretty decent, but because Standard still aren’t up to scratch, despite their 7th places position right now. Antwerp have also been out of sorts too, but even though they’ve been in a steady decline regarding results, they’re still stubborn enough to dig in and claim a point at a tough place to go!

Onto the winners and losers. Anderlecht battled away at Lokeren Saturday evening to claim a victory. Lokeren can perform well against the bigger clubs, which makes me wonder why they’re in their position. They should be able to turn it on against anyone, but narrowly losing to Les Mauves twice this season shows they can also battle and fight, even in defeat. The other top 6 winner was Gent who again performed well enough to snatch victory at the swimming baths, better known as the Regenboogstadion.

Sixteen points gained by Vanderhaeghe since coming in at Gent, he hasn’t just steadied the ship, but he is sailing up the table. Waregem seem to be in a negative spiral. Performance may be of a decent standard but they just can’t seem to turn losses into draws and draws into victories. Eleventh in the table, out of Europe and the cup. There maybe an upturn fairly soon!

Lastly, the superb Kortrijk demolished Beveren 4-1, and Mechelen nearly threw away a 3 goal lead at home to Genk. Tale of 2 managers for me. De Boeck has been nothing but inspiring whereas Stuivenberg looks stale. Big wins for De Kerels and De Kakkers I’m their bid to climb the table. Beveren have, like many, looked out of sorts really, whereas Genk have shown their unbelievable inconsistency, as they defeated Mechelen midweek, albeit via penalties, but lost Saturday.

Winners include Club Brugge with their cushion, Anderlecht gaining ground, Gent, Kortrijk and Mechelen. Losers, for me, were Charleroi by not closing the gap, Beveren, Zulte Waregem and Eupen as those above pull away!

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Soup for Breakfast

Because I’m not gifted at titles, I thought I’d be so lazy and just say what I’m doing right now as my title. It’s tomato soup if you’re interested. Always 2 slices of buttered bread too.

Now. Football, specifically Belgian football for that matter. Another 8 matches where the only team I constantly right off and get wrong recently is Kortrijk, but then again, there are others that also land egg on my face. Tonight includes two sides who have progressed in the Croky Cup, and again Charleroi have another Friday night match. The likelihood is a home win. Les Zèbres have won 4 league matches in a row, with the last defeat coming to, guess who, Oostende, who themselves are turning things around. Going to be close though between these two. Big match tonight!

Then tomorrow there are 4 matches that are too tough to call. Other than Lokeren vs Anderlecht where I can’t look anything past an away win, although last season the tricolores did extremely well against Anderlecht at the Daknam, the rest could be all draws. Kortrijk-Beveren, Mouscron-STVV and Mechelen-Genk could all be draws. We had a dress rehearsal of the latter match on Wednesday. All are out of form and out of sorts right now, dipping in and out of wins and losses. Everyone has now been caught up. Where Beveren, Sint-Truiden and Mouscron had magnificent starts, they’re now being caught up by Anderlecht, Standard and Gent.

Sunday sees the top sides (and Eupen) take stage. I’ll take the splinters out in a second as, again, I can only see draws. Brugge have the easier task against Eupen at the Kehrweg, but Standard-Antwerp, which was the worst 90 minutes I’d ever seen in the reverse recently, and Zulte Waregem-Gent sees us out of another week. Liège are certainly on the up whereas Antwerp have almost settled and Gent are turning themselves around too, whereas Zulte are in a slump, although they have looked promising.

Even though I’ve said that 5 out of the 8 matches could be draws, rather than looking at a dull bunch of matches, I look at it as an intriguing, tight, close round this weekend which I’m sure won’t disappoint!

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Better Late then Never

This weekend in Belgium I sort of had my mind elsewhere. Yes I kept myself informed, but I am seriously considering whether I should carry on writing this? It’s with a heavy heart that I even say this because I look at this as some sort of second child, but it’s not that I don’t consider this as ‘fun’ but more insignificant.

Going back to football, the league has lost its unpredictability and picked up more of a competitive edge. Five of the top seven won this weekend, and if Antwerp and STVV hasn’t hid the skids, it could’ve been a very good week for the gamblers out there.

Gent look like they’re on the way back with a decent Friday night win. Standard look to have finally clicked into gear, judging by their league position and hard fought away win at Genk. I asked the question of De Smurfen where they’re kind of cheating the fans. How can they beat Club Brugge, Anderlecht and Zulte Waregem but not Standard, Eupen, Lokeren and Kortrijk?

Anderlecht swept De Kerels away as Glen De Boeck’s gameplay was torn up in the first minute, and after that, the game of the weekend lived up to its name as a plucky Waregem lost to Brugge in a real tussle at the Jan Breydel. The only team to win other than the five already mentioned were Oostende against Eupen. If 1-0 defeats can keep you up, then Eupen will be safe, but obviously football doesn’t work like that.

I wonder if you ask the question that ‘would you rather lose 4-3 every week or 1-0?’ What will the answer be? Because the pandas aren’t as fun now and are still losing. I want Makélélé to succeed, even if he is linked to Chelsea, but playing football which isn’t a rollercoaster and not gaining points isn’t fair to the fans.

For the sake of this blog post as well…Beveren, Mechelen, Lokeren. Certain I’ve covered everyone now as Charleroi were part of the top 7 piece…oh, Mouscron. There, everybody should now be happy, whether they had anything written about them, or with some teams and performances, the less said the better?!?

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Teams Can Now Exact Revenge

It is currently 5:48am in the morning as I am waiting for my flight back home from a really mild Germany, so I thought I’d use this time, well, some will say wastefully, I’d say wisely, you be the judge. Of course we have gone past the halfway mark and teams can get their own back on those who’d taken points from them already.

And with another scintillating 8 matches, although in honesty, four of them look like an actual contest or worth watching, I may go in order of what I’d rather not watch, although to thrash out a long winded list of matches, I’ll do this. Club Brugge host Zulte Waregem in easily the one to watch this weekend.

Brugge look unstoppable and whereas Essevee look more than stoppable. Brugge just look too good frankly. Ruud Vormer just looks a touch above everyone this season and just looks too good. Waregem domestically still don’t sit right. Last night they performed admirably and will hope to take that into Sunday night, but with a 3 day turnaround again where Blake-Zwart have had a week, that rest may prove beneficial.

The bottom four all have huge matches again, but none bigger than Oostende vs Eupen. De Kustboys are looking better each week to be honest and will feel confident tomorrow against an Eupen side who will hope to be defensively tight. It’s weird how a 1-0 defeat isn’t actually a bad result in Makélélé’s first match, but the pandas problems have always been their defence, although I can only see a home win.

Then we have Mechelen travelling to Antwerp and Kortrijk going to Anderlecht. I can only see defeat when I look into my crystal ball, but that’s only because Anderlecht did look that good on Wednesday night and Kortrijk may not be good enough. Add to Mechelen who are without Schoofs and looked abject until they brought on Bandé last week, I’ll wonder if Jankovic will actually start the youngster?

Kortrijk were lucky last week and will hope their luck will continue, along with an inspired performance from Kaminski in goal will help. Antwerp will hope to win no matter what themselves against De Kakkers, and I just have a feeling they’ll be more clinical on the night.

There are also another 2 real good matches, on paper, in Belgium this weekend. But I say on paper for one of them because Genk face Standard Liège. What I mean is if I have the need to fall asleep, I’ll just watch Les Rouches. No offence to Genk, but Standard look toothless sometimes.

Beveren welcome a revitalised Charleroi in a match that finished 2-2 when these last met. Both look good and I really feel this will be entertaining. Les Zébres are looking fantastic again and Beveren could, on their day, score another 5 if everything falls their way, making this match, on paper, potentially better than Genk-Standard. Unpredictable at the Freethiel against possibly the predictable at the Luminus.

The last two matches in focus, for me, seem the most lacklustre. Okay that’s unfair, but if you gave me the option, I’d pick the 6 I’ve already mentioned above these, and that includes what could be a snooze fest at Genk.

Gent play Mouscron tonight where the visitors haven’t won for 3 months, and Gent have been in great form since Vanderhaeghe arrived. You’d think a home win would happen as this unpredictable league becomes more predictable. And STVV welcome Lokeren. Again, most likely a home win but the honeymoon period is over for De Roeck in some way and both will hope to bounce back from disappointing defeats last week.

Oh, and my flight has been delayed for 4 hours!!! Wish me luck

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This Week was more Predictable

Belgian Pro League football. The unglamorous of Europe’s ‘Major Leagues’ with some huge clubs within Belgium and further out. However, it has taken half of a season to finally catch up with itself and add some normality if you were a gambler. Every league will have its occasional upset. This one has already had its fair share.

Yesterday was the end of a sumptuous weekend of football with myself predicting 6/8 results correct. Happy yes, but unhappy in that, for example, Mouscron vs Anderlecht wasn’t played in August or September, but at a time when Les Mauves have decided to get their act together.

But let’s just stay with the now. Yesterday saw the game of the weekend in my opinion, and it involved Zulte Waregem vs Genk! A match where not only anything could happen due to the nature of the league, but because of the Jekyll and Hyde form these 2 have produced. Fortunately for the visitors, one goal is enough and Alejandro Pozuelo grabbed it. Genk are now 6th as Essevee slump down the table.

Later on, the outstanding Club Brugge dispatched of Beveren with Phillipe Clement returning to the Jan Breydel, but as an opposition manager. I honestly thought Beveren may have taken something out of this game, but my head overruled…well…my head and you always know Blauw-Zwart just aren’t going to slip up.

When Ruud Vormer scores, I did suggest for him to get into the next Holland squad. And why not? Adding goals to his assists, he is the best player in the league in my opinion, yet his done it without a fanfare. A 3-0 win for the hosts is how it ended as Brugge look unstoppable this season frankly, with goals later added by Cools and Vanaken.

Lastly, Gent turned Lokeren over the way they should. Another Sunday 3-0 win but at a stubborn Lokeren which is impressive as De Buffalos are still on the mend after their early season form. The other good thing is that goals are getting shared around the team too. I’m guessing Lokeren fans will be disappointed because you’d want the Daknam to be a tough place to visit, be hard to beat and be clinical, otherwise they’ll get dragged into a relegation dogfight after December.

A brief and late entry today as I have been extremely busy and I can’t leave out yesterday’s winners…and losers.

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Kortrijk are the Winners This Weekend

With my occasional mid weekend blog entry, and once again the impossible task of actually seeing any action I’ve missed, I’ve only seen the Friday night action and Mouscron vs Anderlecht goals. But forget the 2 teams currently occupying 2nd and 3rd, let’s look at those in the bottom four who I thought would have the tougher matches ahead.

And if we do go back to Friday, we’ll see Mechelen lose to Charleroi in a game where they barely laid a glove on Les Zébres. A goal in each half by Kaveh Rezaei, the second being a wonderful strike, Mechelen just didn’t show enough. I just don’t understand why Boureima Bandé doesn’t start, and the substitutions are becoming predictable.

De Kakkers will wait till they need a goal and then they bring on Bandé, Kolovos and Drazic. Charleroi have well and truly put that terrible run of results behind them, and just think if they even gained draws from those defeats and didn’t throw away that win to draw against Beveren. I do feel Mechelen will be too good to go down, but if these performances continue, then I may have to reassess my opinion.

Yesterday saw the rest of the bottom four play in matches where this morning, two out of three will be happy. I’ll start with Oostende who drew 0-0 against one of the dullest sides to watch in the Pro League in Standard Liège. I have heard on good authority that the referee did his best to ruin the match with 3 red cards.

But regardless, with the limited Pro League action that is out there, I have seen Standard play STVV, Gent and Antwerp this season and with the South American influence Les Rouches have, they just have no flair. And with a Portuguese coach…well, that means nothing really looking at the way Portugal won Euro 2016. De Kustboys on the other hand may reflect and say ‘9 men. Away in Liège. Good point’.

Eupen next. Claude Makélélé has his first match at home against Antwerp where you would’ve put money on an away win, and that’s what we got. Whether it would’ve been a 4-3 loss under Jordi Condom, or this 1-0 defeat under Makélélé, it’s still a loss.

I guess it’s positive that only 1 goal was conceded and not the usual 3 or 4, but it’s unlike the Pandas to not score themselves. The Great Old probably just don’t care. They haven’t won in over a month so Bölöni will just be happy with the 3 points in a late win!

Moving south west to the Stade Cannonier where Glen De Boeck oversaw a fine win, although the last 10 minutes probably had him going! Taking a 3-0 lead, it’s a huge positive that Perbet and Chevalier both got on the scoresheet. With a red card sandwiched amongst the 3 goals, De Kerels tried as hard as they could to spoil everything, scoring an own goal in the process.

Sint Truiden managed 2 late goals in the final 10 minutes to maybe do to Kortrijk what Eupen did to them, but there wasn’t enough time. STVV haven’t exactly crumbled, but they’re beginning to level out now. With the takeover during the week too, it’s been eventful at the Stayen.

Lastly, Mouscron are trying their upmost to get relegated after being top 6 at Christmas. In this match we’ve also seen how important Henry Onyekuru is to Les Mauves. Another winner and knee slide ensured the points went back to Brussels.

Mouscron are turning into the Mouscron I thought they’d be in pre season. Rednic needs to go back to basics as the club are slipping every week and sleep walking into a relegation battle themselves.

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JPL Preview Week 15

Now that the international break is over, the games will come thick and fast as we head towards the winter break. We see 2 new managers who basically have a 16 game campaign to save their clubs, teams hoping to come back to form and others who will hope to continue down the road they were already on.

I usually do this in chronological order but I feel like just assessing clubs. Not a full assessment but…well just go with it. Although I’ve already lied because tonight we see Charleroi host Mechelen. Charleroi look like they’ve come back into any title reckoning. A once 8 point gap has now been cut to 6 and could be 3 points come 9:30pm tonight. Christian Benavente has been outstanding recently too, and with Peru qualifying for the World Cup, he’ll either be emotionally drained or buoyed by it. De Kakkers on the other hand won their first match in 6 weeks last time out and will hope to build, even with a positive draw, but I can only see a home win.

Saturday sees matches where you could pick a winner in each, but as we’ve all done this before, you can’t say that for certain. I would say Anderlecht, Antwerp, Sint Truiden and maybe Standard should win, but 2 clubs do have managers in Eupen and Kortrijk, Mouscron haven’t won for 6 weeks either and Oostende look like they’re coming back. However, I do think the favourites will win all their games, with the exception of Standard Liege, which I feel could be a draw, mainly because De Kustboys do look a lot better and have won 4 of their last 6! Another thing is that for all of Anderlecht’s quality, they allow teams a chance to get back into the match. They’ve conceded 6 in 5 since Vanhaezebrouck has come in and in 2 of those they won, they allowed lesser teams a sniff of a draw!

Sunday is not exactly fascinating, but more intriguing. Okay, I’m talking rubbish again. Phillipe Clement goes back to Brugge and has been a huge success at Waasland Beveren. This will be a lot tougher for the leaders with the quality Beveren possess and I wouldn’t be surprised if an upset were on the cards. However, you look at the strength and quality of Club Brugge and realise they look a monster compare to the rest. Waregem host Genk who are hot and cold and anything could happen because Zulte Waregem are as much of a basket case right now as well. And lastly, Lokeren vs Gent… Draw. Simple as that in my opinion.

That’s the thing though. New managers, unpredictable and errors galore will make for another classic weekend this season as we reach the 50% mark this term!